Fuel skid
Oil Distributing Station is designed to distribute the oil to trailer tank with a high-accurate measurement, safe operation and automatic control system,
now it is widely used in oil depot.







Technical performances:


» Size: 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch
» Flow rate: 500-2000 L/ M
» Accuracy:<0.3%(LC meter), <0.1%(Mass flow meter)
» Ambient Temp:-20℃~+50℃
» Working Pressure: <1.0MPa
» Power supply: AC220V, AC380V
» Level of Protection: IP54
» EX Level: ExdllBT4
» With ATC function
» With LTMS and APP management system
» All report
» Touch screen with user interface
» Extra display available
» RS-485 Modbus communication
» Support 4 Loading arm working at same time
» Self-Diagnostics
» 3 Level Password control
» IC/ID control card

Main Component:

» Electronic register with density, pressure, temperature, level sensor
» Overfill, static, fire monitor and alarm system
» EX proof Emergency stop
» Loading Arm
» Flow meter: Mass flow meter / LC flow meter
» Filling Platform with ladder(Main structure)
» Centrifugal Pump with EX motor
» Solenoid valve
» Filter ,Flange , pipeline and other fittings




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