Fulel dispenser
Fulel dispenser
Fulel dispenser
Fulel dispenser
Your Best
Petrol, Gas, EV, Hydrogen
Refueling Station Equipment & management system Manufacturer In China
Your Best
Petrol, Gas, EV, Hydrogen
Refueling Station Equipment & management system Manufacturer In China
Your Best
Petrol, Gas, EV, Hydrogen
Refueling Station Equipment & management system Manufacturer In China
Your Best
Petrol, Gas, EV, Hydrogen
Refueling Station Equipment & management system Manufacturer In China
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Metering and filling products with Full Certifications For Your Business

Certification mark

China’s top petrol, gas, EV, and hydrogen refueling station equipment and management system manufacturer and supplier, With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience.

We provide a one-stop solution for your filling equipment’s design, budget, transportation, installation, and maintenance.

Bluesky can provide you with fuel dispensers, LPG/CNG/LNG dispensers, AdBlue dispensers, container skid-mounted mobile filling devices, oil tank level gauges, LPG filling scales, IC cards / ID card gas station management systems, EV chargers, and related product components, spare parts, etc.

Why choose Bluesky’s gas station equipment?

BlueSky has more than 50,000 square meters of workshops, and more than 200 employees, and can provide you with more than 2,000 pieces of refueling equipment per month. The product variety is complete and can provide you with a one-stop solution to your comprehensive energy refueling equipment needs. Bluesky can accept ODM and OEM orders from customers.

As the most professional manufacturer and supplier of energy metering and filling equipment in China, Bluesky has 5 design and R&D teams dedicated to different fields of work, such as: making the operation of the machine easier; providing a smarter and more practical management system; Make the quality of the parts higher; provide the design of new models and models; realize the functions required by customers.

Bluesky provides you with 7X24 online services. The salesman will set up a working group for you on WeChat and Whatsapp. The team will work with engineers and sales leaders to ensure that we can also be found in different time zones when needed.

  • Blue Sky
  • Showroom
  • office
  • Refueling equipment workshop
  • Natural gas equipment workshop
  • EV charger workshop
Full Certification
Full Certification
Bluesky products have passed CE / ATEX / OIML / MID / TUV / SGS / ISO / PCEC / CMC / CPA certification.
Own Factory & Workshop
Own Factory & Workshop
Bluesky has a newly built factory and production workshop to manufacture your filling equipment.
Accept ODM & OEM Orders
Accept ODM & OEM Orders
Bluesky can accept ODM and OEM orders, & can also customize products according to your requirements.
7/24 Online Support
7/24 Online Support
Bluesky provides you with 7X24 online services, you can contact us when you need them.

What Products & Services Can We Help You Get

fuel dispenser
Fuel Dispenser, Gas Station Equipment
BlueSky can customize a 1-10 nozzle fuel dispenser for you. Shipped in 20 working days.
  • Can adapt to voltage fluctuation range ±20%
  • Use cycle up to 10 years
lpg dispenser
LPG Dispenser, LPG Station Equipment
More than 100,000 LPG Dispensers are used in gas stations around the world.
  • Suitable for filling LPG tanks for vehicles
  • It can be equipped with a multimedia player
Adblue dispenser
AdBlue Dispenser, Refueling Station Equipment
The Bluesky AdBlue dispenser is the best assistant for filling AdBlue containers with a solution.
  • Suitable for filling of urea solution for vehicles
  • Parts are made of anti-corrosion materials
LNG dispenser
LNG Dispenser, LNG Station Equipment
Bluesky provides complete sets of equipment for LNG filling stations
  • LNG Dispenser supports IC mode filling
  • High Precision Mass Flow Meter
CNG dispenser
CNG Dispenser, CNG Station Equipment
CNG Dispenser with automatic fault detection and display fault information.
  • With a stainless steel shell, protection grade IP54
  • CNG Dispenser supports IC mode filling
mini gas station
Mini gas station, micro gas station
Can support 3 kinds of oil products, gasoline, and diesel, with a liquid-level detection system
  • Oil tank capacity:600L~6000L
  • Vertical and horizontal structures can be customized
LPG Skid
Fuel, LPG, CNG, LNG, AdBlue Skid-Mounted Filling Equipment
It is composed of a filling dispenser, tank, control system, etc., which can realize mobile filling.
  • It can be installed with a canopy to prevent rain and sun
  • Easy to refill, unlimited space
Solar mobile gas station
Solar mobile gas station
Customizable workshop, power room, refueling area, oil tank area, solar roof, etc.
  • Solar energy provides lighting, emergency use
  • Double oil tank, gasoline or diesel, 40 cubic meters
container fuel station
Container Fuel Station, Container Gas Station, Mobile Gas Filling Tanker
Container Fuel Station is easy to transport and is suitable for providing fuel-filling services for fleets, construction sites, enterprises, etc.
  • 8 safety detection systems
  • APP intelligent control system
EV charger
EV Charger
EV Charger can customize connectors that meet GBT, CCS, and CHAdeMO standards.
  • Obtained CE, TUV, SGS, ISO, and China National Laboratory Certificate
  • Support open communication protocol OCPP
Automation System
Automation System
Gas Station Management System can be connected to Fuel, LPG/CNG/LNG dispensers
  • Refill payment, realize automatic management
  • With stored value, card issuance, settlement function

How Do We Control the Quality of Every Manufacturing Process

Advanced processing equipment
BlueSky factory has advanced sheet metal and electrical production equipment, inspection, and testing equipment to ensure product quality.
Superb processing procedures

Each product has a complete process document, and each station operates in an orderly manner according to the process instructions.

Rigorous testing process
Bluesky filling equipment must undergo aging tests and strict tests before it can be shipped.
Complete data record
Bluesky has a complete ISO9001 quality control system, and each link has strict quality inspections.

Success Stories from Customers

  • BlueSky Gas Station
    Saudi Arabia NAFT Gas Station
    More than 2,000 IC card dispensers are in use, and they are a high-quality customer of BlueSky
  • BlueSky Project
    Philippine Gas Station
    The newly-built gas station uses a BlueSky RT-B224 fuel dispenser and customized customer LOGO.
  • BlueSky Project
    Ethiopia Fuel Skid
    BlueSky has more than 1,000 Fuel Skids widely used in Africa, providing convenience for local development
  • LPG Skid
    Sudan LPG Skid
    LPG Skid can carry 5, 10, 20, or 50m³ LPG storage tanks, suitable for filling household LPG tanks, car LPG tanks
  • LNG station
    China LNG Station
    BlueSky provides a full range of services for the construction, installation, after-sales, and maintenance of LNG filling stations
  • EV charger station
    China EV charging Station
    BlueSky has a professional EV charger R&D and sales team and has built more than 200 charging stations locally

Listen to What Our Clients Say About Bluesky

  • We have cooperated with BlueSky for more than ten years, from the beginning of using ordinary tankers to the current IC card tankers, and developed an IC card management system to realize automated management. BlueSky is a very reliable partner.
    Emad ElSemary
    CEO of NAFT, Saudi Arabia
  • BlueSky has a wealth of gas station, LPG station construction experience, and solutions, and can customize various filling dispensers, mobile gas stations, LPG filling equipment for my customers, and each product can bring me surprises.
    Hongsheng Wang
    CEO of WIHU, Nigeria
  • BlueSky is an expert in computer controllers for fuel dispensers and has used BlueSky products since 2007. We are very happy to cooperate. I have come to China many times to visit the BlueSky factory to witness its development.
    David Chen

Latest Product News

  • RT-B 244 Fuel Dispenser
    RT-B 244 Fuel Dispenser

    RT-B 244 Fuel Dispenser hose has a built-in bell, which can be pulled out when refueling and contracted on standby. It has 2 pumps, and 4 flow meters, and supports 4 nozzles to refuel at the same time.

  • RT-HG 362 Fuel Dispenser
    RT-HG 362 Gas Dispenser
    There is a receipt printer on the RT-HG Gas dispenser panel, which can print gas receipts. The keyboard can be upgraded to IC card refueling mode, the mainboard has 485 communication ports, and it supports a variety of gas station management systems.
  • Fuel dispenser
    RT-HY 224 Diesel Dispenser
    RT-HY 224 diesel fuel dispenser The display amount-sales-unit price adopts 8-8-6 display mode. In different countries, you can set the position of the decimal point on the display according to the ratio of local currency to fuel.
  • RT-HY 224 Fuel Dispenser
    RT-LPG 122 LPG Dispensers

    The RT-LPG dispenser comprises a gas separator, flow meter, sensor, differential pressure valve, solenoid valve, pressure gauge, pull-off valve, electronic control system, LPG nozzle, and other components.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to customize the product you need?
Contact our sales manager, and he will recommend adding products to you. If you have your ideas, you can also ask for them. We will communicate with the R&D team and provide an overall plan.
2. How to visit the BlueSky factory?
If you are not in China, We can send you a business invitation letter, plan and arrange your itinerary to China, or arrange your itinerary, and we will fully assist and support you.
3. How to pay for the product?
We accept multiple payment methods, such as cash, T/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C, and D/P. You can also accept payment by letter of credit
4. Can the product be upgraded?
Yes, we have the latest product software upgrade, and we will notify you in time, and upgrade the software to the latest version through online remote service or mail equipment
5. How to pay the product deposit?
After our two parties sign the contract, you need to pay a 30% deposit, and the remaining part will be settled before the product is shipped.
6. How about after-sales service?
Under normal circumstances, we provide 7X24 online services to deal with any questions about the product. If you are an important customer, we will set up a working group in WeChat and Whatsapp. Make sure to contact us as soon as possible.

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