20 Best World’s Most Beautiful Gas Stations

We collected 20 Best World’s Most Beautiful Gas Stations.

The design sense of the gas station is also one of the important means to attract customers to refuel. These roadside gas stations show an amazing architectural style.

Let’s take a look at the design of the 20 best-looking gas stations in the world.

1.Repsol Service Station

This is Spain’s REPSOL Services. It uses a modular “umbrella” as a raiya in front of the station. The color of the canopy uses the red, white, and yellow of the REPSOL trademark color. The “umbrella” is in the form of pyramids, and the top of the canopy itself is arranged in the predetermined order to ensure that the red canopy is always the highest. This color combination creates a strong three-dimensional image and breaks the traditional appearance of the established gas station.

Repsol Service Station

2. Gas Galanta service station

This funnel station is located in Slovakia. It is a reinforced concrete building with a very similar shape to three huge funnels. The top of the funnel is three levels of disc-shaped buildings. The smooth curve outlines the appearance of the building perfectly. The elevated lighting lights of the gas station are installed inside the ceiling. Such a design also makes the entire building more aesthetically significant.

Gas Galanta service station

3. Helios House Service Station

The Helios House of L. A is a futuristic gas station, known as the first green gas station in the world. The building materials are all renewable steel. There are 90 solar panels on the ceiling. The rainwater collection system collects the plants in the rainwater car washing or irrigated gas stations. The lights at night are also very beautiful, which is also the first gas station to obtain Leed gold certification.

Helios House Service Station


4. Cepsa Service Station

This dazzling new gas station in Spain is built by modular production and reasons. In addition, the high transparency of ETFE materials can reduce the cost of artificial lighting, and the open shape of the gas station is like a beacon. In the evening, the red light was burning, and the gas station was dazzling like a ruby, attracting guests.

Cepsa Service Station

5. World War II Bomber Gas Station

Located in the bomber gas station in Wokki, USA, after World War II, its owner Art Lacey purchased a Boeing B-17 around bomber from an air force base in Oklahoma. Essence For decades, the B-17 has been a part of the gas station, which not only provides the role of covering the wind and rain but also attracted visitors to visit this famous bomber gas station

World War II Bomber Gas Station

6. Gori Highway Wissol Gas Station

This is Gori Highway, which is connected to neighboring Turkey and Azerbaijan in Georgia,

using concrete and steel bars to make this impressive form. Just beside the highway, this service station is very amazing.

Gori Highway Wissol Gas Station

7. Orival Gas Station

From the air overlooking the gas station in ORIVAL, Belgium,

the symmetrical beauty is reflected in this gas station. This gas station completely covers the two lanes of the highway.

Orival Gas Station

8. Pops Arcadia Gas Station

Did you see the huge colorful cola bottle? 66 feet high, representing Americans and current lifestyles. This small gas station in Oklahoma not only carries the history of the United States. It is also one of the few beautiful bright colors in this “mother’s road”

Pops Arcadia Gas Station

9. Houten Service Station

Good buildings are never outdated, the Houten Service Station is a good example. The architect adds a translucent curved exterior wall around the station. Made of galvanized expansion steel plates, partitions, and turbulence, metal plates also act as a channel for cars to indicate the entrance.

Houten Service Station

10. Jake Colker Union Service Station

If you only see the ceiling of the gas station, it is really difficult to imagine that this is a gas station, saying that the gate of five-star hotels is reasonable. This slightly tilted triangle ceiling was originally designed for Los Angeles International Airport.

Later, it was not traded into the airport because of some reason.

Therefore, it was converted into a gas station. Very cool!

Jake Colker Union Service Station


11. Tower Conoco Service Station

This is a castle gas station in Texas. It looks like a small castle with a low-profile version of Disneyland. It is unable to think with the gas station. Sure enough, the locals may feel so, so this gas station has become a department store.

Tower Conoco Service Station

12. Skovshoved Petrol Station

This gas station was built by Arne Jacobsen in 1937, even after so many years,

white bricks and simple shapes have always looked very fresh and refined.

12. Skovshoved Petrol Station

13. Teapot Service Station

The shape of this gas station is a teapot. The original intention was to satire the US teapot incident. So there is a role in building such a gas station!

Teapot Service Station

14. Tuscis Gas Station

In 2010, Granden’s Tuscis gas station in Italy was perfectly combined with the surrounding mountain scenery like an undulating mountain.

Tuscis Gas Station

15. PAUCA Gas Station

In 2011, at the PAUCA gas station in Slovakia, two round holes were as bright as their eyes, the finishing touch.

PAUCA Gas Station

16. Batumi Gas Station

In 2013 Georgia Batumi gas station, dare you to say that it is not like a glass meteorite from outer space.

Batumi Gas Station



17. Guadalix Service Station

The gas station near Madrid in Spain has three seagull-wing-shaped ceilings. The designers said that the design of the service station exudes optimism and modernity, the structure forms a cantilever and projection, which brings a sense of magic to the surrounding space.

Guadalix Service Station

18. United Petroleum

The United Petroleum service station in Korio, Victoria, Australia is a project that has established a bold and new image. This service station is an industrial building with dramatic and exploratory sculptures standing beside the highway.

United Petroleum

19. Esso Service Station

This gas station was built in 1978-79. In 2012, its retro style was selected for the “British Heritage Architecture List”. Since the 1960s, ESSO Oil and Mobil have built a group of gas stations in the UK. The style has a green ceiling and a red ceiling, but now there are not many remaining ones.

Esso Service Station

20. Chevron Floating Fuel Station

Finally, let’s appreciate the picture -like a lake motorboat gas station. The gas station is perfectly integrated into the scenery behind, and the warm light glows at night.

Chevron Floating Fuel Station

Of course, people usually have different opinions. If you find a more beautiful gas station in the world, you are welcome to share it with us.

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