2022 Goal Swearing Conference-Bluesky

With the joy of harvest and full of passion for forging ahead, we are about to go through a busy and colorful 2021, and usher in a vibrant 2022 with full confidence. In 2021, we have reaped many fruits. Every Lanning person deeply feels that in the big family of Lanning, life is more fulfilled, passion is fuller, and the future is more promising!
Next, let us stand shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, connect with our hearts in 2022, and take strong steps to create a better tomorrow together!
The 2022 goal swearing conference will be held in the lobby of the Bluesky office building

Bluesky employees

This swearing-in meeting took the business department as a unit and showed all employees the goal and action plan of the business department in 2022 in the form of a team display. The display is anonymously scored by judges, who are composed of the company’s service department.

There are four criteria for scoring:

1. The degree of difficulty of the target.
2. Look at the feasibility of the target from the action plan.
3. The tacit understanding of team cooperation.
4. The overall performance and appeal of the display method.
Each item is 10 points, and the ranking is calculated based on the total score. There are surprises for the first and last ones!

Following President Jiang’s speech, the oath meeting officially kicked off

Swearing convention

Thousands of troops and horses make innovations, the heroes vie for heroism; the heroes of all walks of life gather together, you chase me to show your pride.
The core members of Bluesky’s 4 business divisions, interpret their demeanor with their breathtaking slogans and deafening voices.

The order of the exhibition is determined by a lottery by the person in charge of each business unit.

Bluesky Natural Gas DivisionNatural Gas Division

Bluesky EV Charging DivisionEV Charging Division

Bluesky Oil & Gas Division
Oil & Gas Division

Skid-mounted DivisionSkid-mounted Division

The four divisions were displayed separately, and the final statistics were scored. According to the total score, the oil and gas division was ranked first, the skid-mounted division second, the natural gas division third, and the charging pile division fourth.
The first and fourth place received surprise rewards respectively.


Bluesky staff

Next, please enjoy the wonderful scenes of the various business divisions of the 2022 Goal Swearing Conference


The goal of 2022 has been locked, and the letter of responsibility has been signed. We have no room for retreat. Only actions with the spirit of the Red Army to “guarantee the completion of the task” can write the glory chapters of each business unit. I believe that with such a united, forge ahead, and enterprising command group and all soldiers, we will advance and retreat together, and we will be fruitful in 2022!
Let us use the warmest applause to wish the Lanneng team a complete victory and full of wealth.
Let’s meet again at the celebration banquet!


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