2023 Shanghai Charging & Battery Exhibition CPSE

From June 7 to 9, 2023, the 2nd Shanghai International Charging Pile and Swap Station Exhibition 2023 will be held at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center (No. 7575, Boyuan Road, Jiading District).

2023 Shanghai Charging & Battery Exhibition CPSE

The 9th China International Electric Vehicle Charging and Swapping Industry Conference in 2023,

referred to as the “BRICS Charging and Swapping Forum” was also held at the Shanghai Automobile Convention and Exhibition Center.

Battery Exhibition CPSE Floor Plan

For this exhibition, Wenzhou Bluesky Energy strives to provide customers with the best brand image display.

Bluesky booth

From 0 to 1, realize the gorgeous transformation of the booth, and look forward to the first day of the exhibition!

Bluesky booth1

Even though the exhibition hall was opened half an hour earlier,

the exhibitors lined up in front of the exhibition hall early, trying to make it perfect before tourists visit.

Both exhibitors and tourists fill in the information online with their real names, and enter the venue with their ID cards at the gates!


At this exhibition, Wenzhou BlueSky Energy has demonstrated to the industry the vision of BlueSky Energy from the aspects of the development scale, charging experience, technological innovation, etc.:

May BlueSky Energy becomes the preferred service provider of overall solutions for energy companies.

product display

Bluesky Energy is committed to providing end users, retailers, dealers, and OEMs with an attractive appearance,

convenient installation, fast charging, and safe charging infrastructure products.

At present, it has covered more than 50 countries and regions around the world. By the end of June 2023, Bluesky Energy has obtained TUV, CE, CB, ROHS2.0, and FCC certificates. Other certifications such as ETL are in progress.

There are many visitors to the Bluesky Energy booth, domestic operators, traders, or buyers,

all of who want to make a contribution to the electric vehicle charging industry.

Customer Consulting Products

This exhibition gathered EV Charger manufacturers, battery replacement manufacturers, solar energy manufacturers, operation service providers, etc. Here, visitors will always find the services or products they need.

The exhibition time coincided with my Bhutanese customer’s visit, so I invited him to our booth and thanked him for bringing Bhutanese crafts.

Communicating with him, he mentioned that the battery life of the car needs to be enhanced,

and I explained that this is a common problem with cars on the market.

He also mentioned the status of new orders and looked forward to hearing from him as soon as possible.

customer gift

Old friends and new friends who came to our booth, it is a pleasure to have face-to-face communication with you,

let us strengthen our understanding of each other. Bluesky Energy will continue to provide you with long-term and high-quality services and products.

For those friends who can’t take the time to communicate with us at the booth, let us continue to communicate online. The exhibition is over, and we look forward to our next meeting!

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