3 Most Worrying EV Charging Issues

What are the 3 most worrisome EV charging issues?

Recently, oil prices have only been rising and not falling. Many people have begun to plan to own a pure electric car.

Then, many people worry that if they have an electric car, will they encounter more problems.


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Question 1: Are there charging stations around your house?

1. Many car owners will face a problem after buying a pure electric vehicle, where to find an EV charging?

There are many unknown and miscellaneous charging piles on the market now, and I don’t know how to choose which is reliable and affordable.

If there is a reliable brand charging pile near you, then charging will be a lot easier.

2. However, some people would like to have their own home  EV charging.

Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Technology Co., Ltd. can provide this kind of home charging pile, and it can also be remotely controlled by APP, which is very convenient and hassle-free.

You can check Bluesky APP “wow charge” below:

You could download the APP on your mobile phone:

1. If you use the Android system, then please download the wow charge  APP

Or you could search “wow charge” in Google Play.

2. If you use an IOS system, then you could search “wow charge” on APP STORE.


username: HomeUser1

password: 123456



username: HomeUser2

password: 123456

EV charger APP

3. If you have problems, please email “sales02@cnevcharger.com”, and we will settle all problems for you.

If you can have a home EV charging, you can plug it in when you get home from getting off work, wake up from sleep, the battery is complete, and you can go to work happily the next day.

Moreover, this slow charge protects the battery very well compared to the fast charge.

Question 2: Are electric cars worthless the more you drive?

Many electric car owners are particularly worried that pure electric vehicles will become less valuable as they drive, but they are not. Because in fact, the preservation rate of some brands is very good, and will not gradually lose value due to the passage of time.

Take Tesla as an example, the value preservation rate is definitely among the best, and there are some other domestic brands of pure electric vehicles; compared with oil cars, the value of electric cars is constantly rising.

The reason is that the coverage rate of EVs is getting higher and higher, gradually replacing oil cars which are more and more disadvantaged, and if they encounter traffic restrictions, oil cars will lose their advantages even more.

Bluesky EV charger

Question 3: How to maintain electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles are much more convenient to maintain than oil vehicles. Oil vehicles are regularly sent for oil maintenance every year, a headache for many car owners.

After all, it is time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive. On the other hand, electric vehicles do not need regular maintenance, saving this trouble, which is another big attraction of electric cars.

Bluesky EV charger

Website:www.evchargerchina.com   www.blueskynewenergy.com

If you would like to compare other suppliers’ APP remote control functions, you could also turn to BESEN’s website to visit.

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