4 Essential Procedures to Install Fuel Dispenser

If you are tired of finding it, it’s hard to install a fuel dispenser after receiving the machine.

If you are sick of analyzing why your spare parts broke down from time to time like in the following picture.


However, when you do 4 essential procedures to install a fuel dispenser, you will not meet problems.

1. Acceptance of the fuel dispenser after unpacking

1.1 Check whether the random factory inspection certificate is complete,

whether there are instructions for use and maintenance, and the parameter lock and shift lock adjustment key.

1.2 Check whether the internal structure and parts of the dispenser are damaged in transportation and whether the parts are loose according to the manual.

2. Fixing of fuel dispenser

2.1 The fuel dispenser should be installed in the outdoor canopy,

the size of the canopy should ensure that in any season will not make the machine suffers from rain and direct sunlight at noon.

There should be enough distance between the fuel dispenser and the surrounding buildings to ensure a smooth flow after the truck is driven in.

2.2 The fuel dispenser should be installed on the fueling island, the fueling island on the one hand to avoid the collision of vehicles on the fuel dispenser.

On the other hand, the base of the fuel dispenser is higher than the ground,

which is conducive to improving explosion-proof safety performance.

2.3 The main base of the fuel dispenser should be installed on a cement foundation, fixed with foot bolts,

the cement foundation should be set up with holes, in order to introduce an Oil pipeline and grounding wire.

Fixing of fuel dispenser

3. Power installation of fuel dispenser

3.1 The main switch of the power supply of the dispenser should be located indoors,

and the switch insurance should be determined according to the current when the motor is started (about 6A).

The power cord should be selected with the oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant performance of the four-core multi-strand copper core of the two protection cables. Prohibit the use of single-stranded wire and aluminum core wire.

3.2 The distribution room and the fuel dispenser connection line use casing buried way to prevent vehicles from rolling off the wire.

In the hole from the base of the fuel dispenser into the cable outlet, set up under the opening of the oil-resistant elbow to prevent oil from dripping into the steel pipe and corrosion the cable.

Prohibit the export of the cable to the junction box and then set up arbitrary joints in the middle, in order to avoid fire endangering the safety of the station.

3.3 The dispenser should be set up on a separate ground, test ground resistance is not more than 4 ohms,

and the resistance of the oil gun to the ground is not more than 10 ohms.

When using a single-phase motor, the user power cord should be a copper-core sheathed line with a cross-sectional area of not less than 6 square millimeters.

Otherwise, it may cause the motor can not start or even burn motor failure.

4. Commissioning of fuel dispensers

4.1 It is absolutely forbidden to test the machine with water, it should be tested with actual fuel.

4.2 Before the first trial, a general inspection of the fuel dispenser should be carried out to tighten the bolts and nuts loosened during transportation.

4.3 If the whole machine flow is too small or too large, you can adjust the adjustment screw of the oil pump relief valve.

If the flow is caused by the new pipeline and the flow starts normal and later becomes a small failure,

the fuel dispenser separator screen should be repeatedly cleaned, and then look for other parts of the cause.

4.4 when the electrical installation and maintenance, the power must be cut off.

The power can be connected until an explosion-proof junction box is installed in accordance with the provisions of the cover.

It is strictly prohibited to open the difference test machine.

Commissioning of fuel dispensers

Want to learn more about how to install a fuel station? Speak to a representative today.

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