4 kinds of Common Payment Methods in the Gas Station

Payment method introduction map

With the rapid development of society, the traditional gas station also needs to upgrade with new technology, like tank inventory control, dispenser fueling control, payment control, and also fuel price changes in dispensers and price boards, which needs a complete solution to control everything. In this article, we will focus on the 4 kinds of common payment methods in the gas station.

1. Cash

Cash is mostly used in the whole world, even in the gas station.

But how did the gas station owner prevent the attendant steal money?

How did the gas station owner count the total cash they received every day quickly?

If you can use our system, then we can help you solve these pain spots.

In the traditional way, when customers want to pay cash, the attendant will just receive cash and then insert the nozzle to start fueling, but if you use our system,

the attendant will swipe their staff card on the dispenser first, then can start the fuel dispenser,

all the fueling record will be recorded in the system, can be easily found how much each staff card fueling,

then the gas station owner can quick reconciliation and anti-cheating every day.

Cash Payment Methods

2. Bank card

In some countries, everyone prefers to pay for everything using a credit card,

and enter a cashless payment society, because it’s more safety, no need to worry about robbing, and easy to take only a card.

So, if one gas station can receive money through a bank card, it will be a big advantage compared with your competitor.

You only need to invest in one handheld POS machine, after finishing the fueling,

the attendant will select the corresponding nozzle in the handheld POS machine, then will show its fueling record, then swipe the bank card to finish.

Bank card Payment Methods

3. RFID tag

This payment method mostly is designed for company or group clients, like buses, taxis, police, etc. They have a lot of vehicles that need fuel every day,

the fueling volume is big, and normally it’s charged to an account and pays money per month.

So we publish this kind of payment system, and the installation is easy,

only need to stick one RFID tag near the vehicle tank the first time, and set a debit limit, then can work.

There is an RFID reader on the nozzle, so when you insert the nozzle into the vehicle,

the RFID reader will recognize the RFID tag, read its information, then can start fueling.

When until the end of each month, the system will generate a report for that company,

it will clearly show which vehicle fueling how much volume.

RFID tag Payment Methods

4. Customer card

The customer card is similar to the staff card, it can be issued to a company or person. The difference compared with the RFID tag is the customer card can be shared with many different vehicles,

but the RFID tag is bound to one vehicle, and can’t be shared.

The customer card can be a debiting card or a prepaid card, the debit card is mostly used for companies, and the prepaid card is mostly used for persons.

The gas station can publish some sales promotions, like for personal prepaid cards,

if the client registers for a customer card when charged 100$, will give 10$ for free, so the balance on your customer card will be 110$.

If you can sell 10 or 100 or 1000 customer cards per month, then it will be a very impressive sales, bringing a lot of cash flow.

And for company debiting cards, since they have a lot of vehicles, the fueling volume is big,

after they have your debiting card, then they will only go to your gas station, and won’t go to others, which will increase a lot of sales.

IC card Payment Methods

For different kinds of clients, the gas station owner can choose a few of them.

If the budget is enough, you can install all in your gas station,

and support single-site and multi-site management, even if you are using another company’s fuel dispensers, it also can be compatible.

We, Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Technology Co., Ltd except can provide the gas station equipment,

and also can provide those 4 kinds of payment systems, then plus the tank gauging system, data management system,

through the mobile App and cloud server, you can check anywhere anytime.

If there is somebody interested in our system, or has any questions that you want to discuss with us, welcome to leave a message.

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