6 Gas Station Theft Prevention Precautions

6 Gas Station Theft Prevention Precautions.

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1. Build a network organization of Gas Station Theft Prevention Precautions.

1.1 Establish a gas station anti-snatching and anti-theft organization. The retail area set up a leading group for gas station anti-snatch and robbery;

neighboring gas stations set up anti-snatch and robbery rescue groups. Each gas station set up an anti-theft team, with the station manager as the leader,

the operation team leader as the deputy leader, and all gasoline workers as members. Develop anti-snatch and anti-theft plans and carry out a quarterly anti-snatch and anti-theft plan exercise.

1.2 Establish a joint defense organization against robbery and theft. Gas stations and surrounding factories, hotels, households or village committees,

and police stations set up a joint defense organization and agreed to alarm. So that in the event of robbery and theft cases, timely contact with the surrounding joint defense units,

forming a group defense, group management, and the situation of joint control, ensure the safety of the station.

2. Strengthen education and raise employees’ awareness of prevention.

In each quarter, gas stations carry out anti-theft plans, at the same time should seize 2 keys: For one thing, to carry out pre-service training on anti-snatching and anti-theft knowledge for new employees; For another, strengthen the topic of anti-snatching and anti-theft education before major holidays. Because major festivals are the most frequent period of such cases, gas stations should do a good job of prevention, and increase education efforts to make employees more vigilant.

3. Establish staff files and strengthen the management of mobile personnel.

3.1 According to statistics, some gas stations even replace all gasoline workers within a year. Therefore, it is necessary for gas stations to establish employee files, and all personnel who have worked at gas stations are registered with their home address, telephone number, names of family members, height, and other natural circumstances.

3.2 Gas stations should not allow non-station staff to stay or stay for long periods of time to prevent criminals from taking the opportunity to step in and master the station’s operating procedures and personnel dynamics.

4. Strict financial system to reduce risks and losses.

“2 in time, 1 dedicated” which means, when the gas station is open for business, cash in a manner into the safe timely (gasoline workers carry no more than $ 500 cash, the small number of gasoline stations can be specified not more than 300 USD).

The day’s business money in a timely manner to pay the bank (bank door-to-door collection or two or more employees escort to the bank for storage). Tickets, seals, all kinds of invoices, and safe keys for safekeeping.

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5. strengthen the anti-theft facilities, to eliminate theft cases fundamentally.

5.1 To install solid anti-theft doors and windows for the business room.

5.2 Because of the characteristics of criminals from the back window of the business room, pry open the security window to enter the room to steal. It is recommended to close the back window of the business room and only leave a vent or observation hole.

5.3 To install a safe with an iron horse clip, increase the difficulty of prying open the safe; at the same time the safe and the ground or wall reinforcement roots, to prevent criminals from moving the safe.

6. Equipped with the necessary self-defense equipment to deal with criminals with ease.

Educate employees to always put personal safety in the first place, and to fight against criminals only under the premise of ensuring personal safety

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