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60kW DC EV Charger is BlueSky’s most popular charging pile product.

BLUESKY 60kW DC EV Charger, with its fast charging speed, and economical price, suitable for installation for commercial use, such as parking lots, charging station hubs, factories, etc., is the choice of most of the customers of our EVSE product range.

bluesky DC EV charger

1. Multiple-scenarios application

BLUESKY FLOOR MOUNTED DC EV Charger, with IP54 protection grade, can be waterproof and dust-proof, and can be installed outdoors even if exposed to a severe environment like high humidity, or high salty alongside the sea. You could get charging piles for the public, shopping malls, factories, fleets, etc.

60kw DC EV charger

2. Parameters

1. 60kW DC EV Charger single gun with CCS COMBO 2 connector/pistol/plug/gun
2. RFID payment system
3. 7-inch touchable sunlight-readable display screen
4. LED indicator with POWER, FAULT, CHARGING status
5. Air cooling ventilation system
6. Customized color, white logo, or customer’s logo

Tesla charging interface

3. Easy installation method

1. Before installation: Check whether the reserved 5-core power cord is in good condition, and the outlet length is reserved for 50cm
2. Drilling installation holes: According to the installation size of the base (check the user manual for details), use an impact drill to punch 4 installation holes on the base
3. Drive in the mounting screws: Drive 4 expansion screws into the base

DC EV Charger Install Video
EV Charging work demo
Power cord connection

1. Remove the front and rear baffles of the DC EV Charger
2. Insert the forklift into the socket to lift the DC EV Charger
3. Transport the DC EV Charger to the base and put it on the base
4. Open the door of the DC EV Charger
5. Open the circuit cover
6. drive in the expansion screw
7. Close the circuit cover
8. Press the wire head with terminals and connect the wire according to the label instructions:: L1 L2 L3-live wire, N-neutral wire, yellow-green PE wire-ground
9. Connect N wire, ground wire
10. Close the door of the DC EV Charger
11. Install the front and rear baffles of the DC EV Charger
12. Finished

DC EV charger charging steps

4. Quick charging speed

Many customers asked for a 60kW DC EV Charger for charging time to load electric vehicles fully. In fact, it varies on the battery capacity of the car. For a 60kW dc charger, it takes about 40mins to charge EVs fully, and then recharge the rest of 20%, the charging speed will be slower to protect the battery.

Actually, it is determined by your car’s battery capacity. If the battery power is 40kwh, there is a formula, 40kwh/60kw=40mins. Also, you could choose bigger power more than 60kW.

5. RFID card Payment system to recharge money to the card

When you recharge money to an RFID card, your customer can use this card to start the charging station, and the amount will be deducted when they finish charging. And when you connect to the BLUESKY management system, you could find there are many functions for you to discover.
After connecting to our platform, just click the recharge button to pop up the recharge page as below.

EV charger system

Hybrid EV charging

6. Quick response 7/24 after-sale service

Once you have questions about our product or our backed platform, our professional technicians will always be here to support you. If you would like to connect our charger to your APP/platform, it can also work.

7. Easy to maintenance

Clean the air filter
The charger is equipped with an air filter with a large mesh and dense area to prevent the electronic components from being damaged by dust. You need to clean the filter at least once a year.
Must stop all charging processes before cleaning
Open the front and side doors of the charger, the charger will not be directly exposed to wind and rain.
Install the cleaned air filter, and install the bezel and screws
Close the side and front doors of the charger
Record the time required to test the leakage protection device every year


If the charger is operated without an air filter, or the air filter is not cleaned on time, the failure caused by the charger is not good.

Inspection and maintenance

BLUESKY 60kW DC EV Charger is an integrated intelligent charger with intelligent functions such as pre-charge self-test, monitoring of electrical components and operating parameters, and error alarm.

How To Use The EV Charging Correctly?

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