8 Best Tips to Maintain Your Fuel Dispenser

8 Best Tips to Maintain Your Fuel Dispenser.

According to the feedback from users, we often receive the following complaints from customers:

the dispenser suddenly does not produce oil, the dispenser is not accurate, the maintenance cost of the dispenser is too high, etc.

It is time to stop this complaint. Here are some 8 best tips to solve your problem.

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1. Weekly check your explosion-proof junction box.

Weekly check whether the explosion-proof junction box of the fuel dispenser is loose, whether the grounding wire is solid, whether there is leakage of the hydraulic parts and the jointing surface, whether the elasticity of the motor drive belt is suitable and intact, etc.

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2. Pay more attention to the sound of the fuel dispenser.

When refueling, we should pay attention to whether the sound of the fuel dispenser is normal, and whether there is no metal knocking non-normal sound.

When filling the oil is full, the fuel gun can be automatically closed. Quota, quantitative refueling, whether the phenomenon of overshoot.

3. Turn off the power switch during the thunderstorm period

During the thunderstorm period, without affecting the retail volume, temporary business premises should be disconnected from the dispenser and level meter work power switch,

which prevents lightning strikes and ensures the safety of people and property.

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4. Clean up the coarse filter and essential oil filter

When the refueling speed is perceived to be slower than before, the coarse filter and essential oil filter should be removed and flushed and then tightened in place, and the 60um 0# diesel essential oil filter should be cleaned and dried, and packed in a cardboard box for spare use, and the next time the 30um gasoline essential oil filter needs to be replaced, the essential oil filter can be used to reduce maintenance costs.

5. Flush the valve seat and cone needle part

when the oil machine exhausts copper pipe discharge a lot of fuel, the staff should open the oil apparatus respectively, remove the big float, flush the valve seat and cone needle part, and then install it back in the gun test machine. If the oil is still discharged, the technical engineering department can be reported for maintenance.

6. Flush the dust, oil, and grease daily.

Flush the dust, oil, and grease on the shell of the oil machine with detergent daily so as to ensure the surface of the oil machine is clean.

7. Add lubricating oil on time

According to the requirements of the manual, regularly fill the running parts with lubricating oil and lubricating grease (motor, pressure wheel, metering rotation shaft, mechanical totalizer drive shaft, gears, etc.)

8. The modulation of oil price and type should be within two times a day.

The oil machine and oil price adjustment should not be higher than twice a day, otherwise, it will automatically lock and not send oil.

(Only apply to tax-controlled fuel dispensers)

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Additional resources:

You can read reviews and get detailed maintenance information from sites like tokheimco.com and gilbarco.com.

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