A Brief Introduction To The Fuel Management Systems

Bluesky has independently developed the Joyfueling system, divided into a central fuel management systems and a station-level management system.

First, when you purchase our software and hardware (communication box), we will provide the URL,

you can enter the account and password through the URL to log in to our central fuel management system.

central management system

The interface after entering the central system is shown in the figure,

the interface on the left is the functions contained in all the central fuel management systems,

and the upper right corner is the language that can be switched,

as the website continues to improve, we will update different languages.

On the home page, you can see the status of the gas station,

such as the number of online and offline fuel dispensers, today’s total fuel exhaustion,

today’s sales, tank information, recent transaction records, etc.

The interface after entering the central system is shown in the figure

  • Station Setting: You can set the name of the gas station, the code of the communication box (used to connect the fuel dispenser and the system),

the contact information of the person in charge, the email address,

the address of the gas station, and the latitude and longitude of the gas station.

Station Setting

  • Energy Setting: You can set the oil, diesel, gasoline, etc.

Energy Setting

  • Unit price Config: You can set the real-time price of oil products at each gas station, as well as the time when it takes effect.

Unit price Config

  • Tank settings: Select the gas station you own, select the corresponding oil product, set the tank ID, set the tank name, tank height, and capacity, etc.

Tank settings

  • Device binding: Select the gas station and adjust the following parameters to bind the device.

Device binding

  • Station Report: You can view the sales volume of different gas stations, as well as the sales volume of different oil products. You can also filter to select a certain oil product from a fixed gas station and its sales volume over a certain period. All the data is visible, and you can also generate daily, monthly, and annual reports so that your gas station data can be seen at a glance.

Station Report

  • Station transaction: You can view the sales volume and sales of all gas stations in different periods and select a specific gas station to view.

Station transaction

These are the most basic central fuel management system functions,

which can meet the management needs of gas stations in different countries.

At the same time, we also have other additional functions,

such as the RFID function, which is suitable for fleet companies or government departments,

only users with RFID cards or RFID tags on the vehicle can refuel and effectively manage the fleet.

Or the points fuel management system, which can record the refueling situation of the member users of the gas station,

accumulate points for exchange for gifts, and better maintain new and old customers.

If you want to manage the gas station more conveniently, please do not hesitate to contact us, for more inquiries,

please send your contact information, and our staff will take the initiative to contact you for answers.

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