A fuel management system suitable for gas stations

The fuel management system mainly corresponds to medium and large gas station customers. Customers need to prepare a PC to manage all the equipment at their gas station. The equipment includes fuel dispensers, liquid level gauges, tank information, and employee management information.

The functions of the fuel management system are introduced in detail below.

1. Main interface control function

Main interface control function

The picture above shows the main control interface of the system. In the current interface, customers can easily see the online status of the current tanker equipment,

which is used to determine whether personnel maintenance is needed. This information will also be transmitted to the central system, and customers can also Information can be viewed on the center web page.

At the top of the control interface are various control function modules, which customers can use according to their own needs.

The latest transaction records of the current gas station are displayed on the right, and the current logged-in user information and current system status are displayed at the bottom.

On this interface, customers can intuitively observe the information of various devices, and promptly handle whether there are problems with the equipment based on the feedback from the system interface.

2. System shortcut function interface

The system shortcut function interface is the shortcut function bar at the top of the main interface, which is mainly divided into unit price setting,

transaction record query, report query, card creation, card modification, recharge, site printing settings, etc.

2.1Unit price setting

Unit price setting

System unit prices are set based on energy, and customers can create their own energy types and set unit prices for that energy type. As shown below:

Price Add

The user selects the corresponding energy and sets the unit price to create it successfully. If the energy is bound to the corresponding tank information,

the unit price can be sent to the device and let it change the unit price.

2.2 Transaction records

Transaction records

This interface is used for users to query the transaction records of the current site. If the user selects the corresponding time period, he or she can query all transaction records generated within that time period.

2.3 Statement settlement

Statement settlement

Report settlement is divided into class report settlement, daily report settlement, and monthly report settlement. The settlement data is mainly divided into gun summary data, energy summary data, and tank capacity data. The settlement rules are mainly divided by time. The time settlement rules for shift reports are based on the shift time set by the customer. The settlement time for daily reports is one natural day, and the settlement time for monthly reports is one natural month.

2.4 Card user management

Card user management

The card function is mainly used by card consumption drivers. Customers can do various preferential operations on the card to attract drivers to open cards on this site. The picture above mainly shows the entry of various card information. After the user successfully opens the card, the system will automatically Assign a card number to uniquely identify it. After the user successfully opens the card, he or she can recharge it using the recharge function in the picture below. The recharged card can be used directly at the gas pump.

Card Balance Deal

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