About oil and gas recovery issues and countermeasures

Oil and gas recovery refers to the technology that effectively recycles oil fume particles in waste gas generated during industrial production processes.

Because oil fume particles contain a large amount of harmful substances such as organic matter and heavy metals, they cause great harm to the environment and human health.

Basic principles of oil and gas recovery:


Basic schematic diagram of gas station oil and gas recovery system

Related questions:

1. The effectiveness of air tightness will significantly impact oil and gas recovery equipment.

A trace amount of dust will prevent the vacuum pressure valve of the fuel tank exhaust pipe from fully returning to normal.

The direct consequence of valve failure is that the oil and gas in the tank are directly discharged or cannot be discharged.

2. Because the oil and gas recovery pump will vibrate, the copper pipe will collide with other parts in the tanker, which will cause the copper pipe to wear out over time.

In severe cases, the copper pipe will grind holes, causing leakage of recovered oil and gas. A flash explosion occurs when encountering large amounts of heat generated by friction.

3. The technical level of relevant management personnel is insufficient.

Suppose the relevant personnel do not understand the principles and equipment operation of oil and gas recovery at gas stations.

The volatilization of oil and natural gas poses safety risks. If left untreated for a long time,

the hidden danger of oil and gas volatilization will continue to expand to the point of qualitative change, eventually causing an accident.


1. For different causes of tightness problems, corresponding measures can be taken to solve them. The problem can be effectively solved by replacing the flange gasket,

removing foreign matter, tightening or replacing the valve, and re-sealing.

2. Regularly check and maintain the usage of copper pipes and components, and replace wearing parts promptly.

3.  In terms of management, strengthen the training of gas station employees and professional line managers to equip them with the knowledge and ability to maintain equipment: strengthen supervision and assessment.


In terms of daily management, if the maintenance of gas station equipment and facilities can be strengthened,

even if the oil and gas recovery system occasionally fails, it can be solved immediately without causing greater environmental impact:

in terms of construction management, if the construction management can be strengthened,

Process control and quality acceptance provide the greatest guarantee for smooth operation in the future.

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