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In recent years, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the governance of the country’s diesel vehicle emissions.

Studies have shown that fine particulate matter such as soot in the exhaust from untreated diesel engines is 30 to 100 times higher than that of gasoline engines, which seriously pollutes the environment. , it will also cause a lot of harm to the human body.

In response to the environmental protection problems caused by automobile exhaust, some countries and regions have begun to use the exhaust gas environmental protection detection function to capture vehicles with excessive exhaust emissions at any time. Many car owners may face high fines for the slightest carelessness.

With the increasingly stringent national environmental protection requirements, if the vehicle does not add urea, it is difficult for the exhaust gas to meet the standard. Therefore, choosing a reliable vehicle Adblue dispenser to solve the worries of diesel vehicle exhaust emission pollution can win the trust of more diesel vehicle owners and transportation companies.

How to choose an Adblue dispenser?

Facing the problem of environmental pollution caused by diesel vehicle exhaust. Blue Sky Energy has developed a variety of Adblue dispensers suitable for foreign markets in response to the market demand for foreign Adblue dispensers.

Types and advantages of Bluesky Adblue dispenser, Adblue pump

1. Bluesky Vehicle-mounted/MINI Adblue dispenser

The hot-selling appearance of the Adblue dispenser, the neat and uniform image of the equipment,

the standard explosion-proof structure design of the tanker, the single/double gun model, the measurement accuracy of the whole machine is ±0.3%, the flow range is 5-50L/min,

and the filling volume of each transaction is recorded.

and amount, and can query historical data. When offline, thousands of transaction records can also be saved,

and they will be uploaded automatically after being connected to the Internet.

Adblue Dispenser

2. Bluesky Integrated Adblue Dispenser, Adblue pump

Adblue dispenser with 1M3 PVC storage tank
Comes with a 1000L liquid storage ton barrel, no need for the additional liquid storage device, it is a perfect integration of filling + liquid storage
Technical features:
(1) Overall assembly, the skid has reserved forklift holes,

and it can be used after being transported to the site for connection;

(2) The equipment comes with a rehydration pump and reserves an external injection quick connector, which is more convenient for rehydration switching;

(3)  The refilling operation is the same as that of the refueling machine and has the refueling card payment function, and other functions are more convenient to expand;

(4)  With heat preservation measures, heating modules can be equipped in low-temperature areas (below -10℃);

(5) Material of liquid storage tank: Inner tank: HDPE/SUS304; Outer tank: Q235;

(6)  The liquid level data is directly displayed on the LCD screen,

the automatic prompting of refilling, and the real-time display of liquid level height, temperature, and volume.

Adblue dsipenser with 1M3 PVC storage tank

3. Bluesky Split Adblue Dispenser, Adblue pump

Adblue dispenser+10/20M3 storage tank
Installation requirements: AC 220V power supply, 4G IoT, connection to the cloud system.
Operating temperature range: -30 degrees Celsius ~ +55 degrees Celsius
Applicable to: Suitable for gas stations where the sales volume of urea for vehicles exceeds 10 tons/month
Rehydration method: 1000L ton tank replenishment or tank truck replenishment
(1) Good antifreeze and heat preservation effect, large capacity, low-cost sharing.
(2)  The single-gun filling machine and the filling machine can be used in parallel to prevent, and the diesel filling and urea solution filling can be completed at one time.
(3)  An all-in-one machine can also be used to maintain the original image of the gas station.
(4)  Adopt a urea special pump, and vehicle urea level meter, set up an independent internal discharge port


4. Bluesky Integrated Adblue Dispenser

Adblue dispenser +3/5M3 storage tank

The storage tank is equipped with a built-in urea special pump, a liquid level meter,

a high liquid level alarm, a liquid level display, and a full set of rehydration systems.

Installation requirements: AC 220V power supply, 4G IoT, connection to the cloud system.

It is suitable for fuel tankers and large fleets with vehicle urea sales exceeding 5-10 tons per month.

Replenishment method: 1000L ton tank is pumped and replenished.

Advantages of double-layer storage tanks: sun protection, dustproof, leak-proof, and freeze-proof.

Adblue dispenser +3/5M3 storage tank

Bluesky Adblue pump and Adblue dispenser have won two national inventions, utility models, appearance patents,

and more than ten soft patents. Provide the most advanced and high-quality products and services for domestic and foreign customers and partners,

create maximum value for customers, and make the world’s energy refueling more worry-free.


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