Advantage of Bluesky IC card management system for gas station

What is the Bluesky IC card management system?

This system is mainly used for Fueling station management,  Issuing Card, Card Deposit, Report Statistics, Station equipment control, etc.,

The system needs to be hydraulically interactively connected with the fuel dispenser. It consists of Station level Management.

System Communication Flowchart

Why do we need the Bluesky IC card system? How can we benefit?

Bluesky IC card ensures cost savings, efficient operations, safety assurance, and customer loyalty.

Benefit for oil company(station owner):

1. Management convenience: Bluesky IC card system enables the gas station owner to easily manage, and view customer information, and transaction records to improve management efficiency.

2. Improvement of security: The Bluesky IC card system has encryption and identity verification to improve the security of customers and gas stations.

3. Real-time monitoring: Through the IC card system, the gas station owner can monitor the oil tank information and the operating status of the gas machine in real-time.

4. Customer viscosity is increased: Bluesky IC card systems can make customers more frequently choose the gas station to refuel through pre-charging, discounts, and personalized services.

5. Save cost: The automation processing of the IC card system can help reduce labor costs, reduce error rates, and improve economic benefits.

6. Reduction of oil leakage: The IC card system can reduce problems such as illegal refueling and stolen oil.

7. Market competitiveness: gas stations with IC card systems can provide customers with more efficient services and enhance market competitiveness.

Real-time nozzle interface

Benefit for driver/group user:

1. Convenient payment: Customers can use bank cards for online payment, without cash, which improves payment efficiency.

2. Security: The IC card system adopts advanced security technologies to ensure the security of transactions.

3. Consumer discount: Customers can accumulate points with IC cards for payment, and enjoy discounts and benefits.

4. Consumption record query: Customers can check their consumption records at any time through the IC card system to understand the fueling situation and spending details.

5. Personalized services: According to the customer’s refueling cycle and habits, it provides personalized services for customers and recommends suitable refueling packages.

6. Quick refueling service: Use IC cards to achieve fast refueling, avoiding waiting in line.

7. Reduce disputes: The whole process is processed by tankers and systems, reducing error rates and sales disputes.

How to use a Bluesky IC card?

How to use Bluesky IC card

1. Apply for IC cards: Go to the gas station to apply for an IC card, fill in personal information, and recharge the amount on the card after the application is successful. Essence

2. Refueling: Choose a gas station that supports IC card refueling, insert the IC card into the IC card slot on the refueling pump, and prompt the input of the license plate number and refueling volume. After confirming the payment method, the gas station will automatically deduct from your IC card balance to remove The corresponding costs start to cheer.

3. Ticket collection: After the refueling is completed, take out the IC card and wait for the small ticket printed by the gas station to record the refueling, amount, unit price, refueling time, and so on.

Bluesky IC card gas station management system

Fuel dispenser IC card management system


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