Gas station after-sales service in NAFT Oil Company

Gas station after-sales service in NAFT Oil Company.

Bluesky will look for more opportunities to visit our customers in 2023, provide our customers with more after-sales services and try to develop more markets.

Bluesky has arranged an after-sale visit for our Saudi customer —— NAFT oil company in March 2023.

NAFT has had a cooperative relationship with Bluesky for more than 10 years and has hundreds of gas stations in Saudi Arabia. The stations are widely located in Jeddah, Riyadh, Madinah, Dammam, and Abha.

NAFT Oil company gsa station

For NAFTA’s gas stations, Bluesky has provided

  1. IC card system. All of the NAFT’s gas stations are running with this system. It’s also called a smart card payment system. That we have an article to introduce this before. If you have interested in this you can visit our blog for more details.
  2. Fuel dispensers. All the dispensers are with IC card readers and printers. The reader is used for contacting the system and the printer will provide the refueling details receipt after each refueling.
  3. Tank Gauging system. The console will update the level information in real-time. And also update the IC card system.

Our team has a strong understanding of NAFT’s sales and after-sales service

1. Improvement of fuel dispenser installation.

We find some customers may ignore contacting the emergency cut-off valve with the land.

An emergency cut-off valve is used to avoid the oil coming out from the inlet pipe when the dispensers fell down by accident.

That it will be with the fuel dispensers and be useless if not contacted to the land.

fuel dispenser maintenance

2. Electronic component maintenance troubleshooting method.

Bluesky fuel dispensers will provide the error code to indicate which electric spare part is damaged.

But sometimes the problem maybe is happened by the contact wire or the contact port.

That we suggest the NAFT team swap the different nozzle’s electric spare parts before they change it.

This can help the engineer to find the exact problem that happened to dispensers and save time.

3. Parameter setting of tank gauging console.

A details introduction about each parameter function of the gauging system.

Group photo of gas station staff

After the training, we visited the stations to check the problem.

For some special situations, fuel dispenser manufacturers should visit the exact station to check the problem instead of online discussion.

This time, most problems customers described were totally different from the exact situation we checked in the gas station.

On site testing of fuel dispenser measurement accuracy

One NAFT station located in Dammam has a measurement accuracy problem with the dispensers.

The customer calibrated the dispensers, but the accuracy will change after only 20 minutes.

The customer thought the problem is from the controller or flowmeter.

And have changed the spare parts many times. But the situation still happened.

But after our team checked, the problem is from the oil inlet pipeline which is out of dispensers.

The customer changed it to be rubber-type, and the oil will go back to the tank. This caused the measurement accuracy problem to happen.

Our suggestion is to add a check valve at the pipeline contact port or change the pipeline to a hard tube.

NAFT station on-site training

We spend around 18 days with different city’s Naft maintenance teams. In this after-sales service, we have collected many detailed problems that we did not detect in the factory and also solved some faults caused by the customer’s own wrong operation.

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