Application of fuel dispensers in Cambodia

The application of fuel dispensers in Cambodia is similar to that in other countries, and it is mainly used for refueling cars and motorcycles. If you use our company’s fuel dispenser locally, you need to consider the high temperature and the usage habits of local staff. Higher temperatures mean more things to pay attention to when installing a gas station.

fuel dispenser in Cambodia

Precautions for fuel dispensers under high-temperature conditions:

1) Qualification of the fuel tanker: According to the relevant requirements of the national calibration regulations, the temperature and environmental conditions of the fuel tanker should be between -25 degrees Celsius and +55 degrees Celsius. This means that within this temperature range, the fuel dispenser should be able to operate normally and meet the requirement that the indication error should not be greater than ±0.3%.

2) The oil pipe from the gas station oil tank to the fuel dispenser: When installing the gas station, the oil tank should be buried about 1.5 meters underground, if the pre-buried position is not deep enough. In countries with high surface temperatures such as Cambodia, excessive rise in oil pipe temperature will cause serious vaporization of gasoline and reduce refueling accuracy.

3) Installation location of the fuel dispenser: When installing the fuel dispenser, consideration should be given to avoiding direct sunlight. When exposed to direct sunlight, excessive ultraviolet rays will cause irreversible damage to the LCD screen of the fuel dispenser. Moreover, when the sun shines directly, the temperature of the fuel tanker will also increase excessively, which will affect some components.

4) Use of fuel tankers: When using fuel tankers at high temperatures, relevant safety regulations and operating procedures should also be followed. For example, it is prohibited to smoke or use open flames near fuel dispensers, and it is prohibited to start the vehicle during the refueling process, etc. These measures ensure the safety and smoothness of the refueling process.

using fuel dispensers

Local habits of using fuel dispensers in Cambodia:

1) Employee operation: Local refueling employees in Cambodia are not used to using the gun switch to trigger refueling. They are more accustomed to using the “on” button on the keyboard to trigger refueling. In this case, if the management system is used, the controlled function of the fuel dispenser cannot be realized, and the usage habits of gas station employees generally need to be changed.

2) Statistics of oil intake: “When local oil companies put oil into oil tanks, they do not measure the actual amount of oil in the oil tank at the gas station. They usually calculate the amount of oil remaining in the oil tank truck by testing it and refueling it. How much oil has been discharged from the oil tank at the station?

3) Statistics from the head office: In Cambodia, when the gas station head office manages its subordinate gas stations, it generally uses the method of calculating the refueling volume once a day. Before getting off work every night, the electronic total and mechanical total on each fuel dispenser will be counted, and then the refueling data for the day will be calculated based on the difference between the two totals and the previous day.

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