Atomizer for use on boats

Recently, the company has developed a diesel atomizer for use on ships.

When we researched and developed, we considered that today’s energy supply is tight, oil reserves are decreasing,

and environmental pollution is also imminent. Fuel economy, that is, fuel saving rate and emissions,

are the key concerns of the transportation industry, especially shipping companies.

Diesel engines are the main power for ships. How to improve the economy,

and power performance and reduce emissions is a topic of general concern in the industry.

What is a diesel atomizer?

A diesel atomizer is a device used to atomize diesel fuel into tiny droplets so that it can more easily mix with air and burn.

It is commonly used in diesel engines and combustion systems to ensure an efficient combustion process to provide power or generate heat.

Diesel atomizer

The atomizer mixes water, oil, and emulsifier in different proportions, and then heats them with a heater,

which can save about 20% of fuel on the ship. Diesel atomizer is an effective means of energy saving and cleaning. After many tests,

the average fuel-saving rate can reach about 20%, which is very obvious for freight companies to save energy and reduce emissions.

The larger the ship, the greater its fuel consumption.

For example, an 18,000-ton cargo ship consumes about 2 tons of diesel fuel per day at an average speed of 6-7 kilometers per hour.

This is a considerable expense for the cost of the cargo ship.

Use Cases:

Ship number Changsheng 6958 Zhedai No. 10126 Ying’an No. 9
Installation time 2022.2.16 2020.7.8 2020.5.8
Vessel tonnage 2902.54t 400t 1400t
 Host horsepower 950 820 820
Device model RG-500 RG-200 RG-200
Itinerary several hours 15~30day 3day
Fuel saving rate 21% 20%~25% 26%
Exhaust gas Obviously no black smoke no black smoke Obviously no black smoke

From the above use cases, it can be seen that the diesel atomizer can not only save fuel,

but also reduce the pollution to the environment, and the emission of exhaust gas can be reduced visible to the naked eye.

The equipment is equipped with the company’s Internet of Things system, which can remotely monitor the equipment status and filling flow,

making it more convenient and faster for customers to grasp the equipment dynamics.

Internet of Things system

The equipment effectively controls the time of diesel atomization, automatically feeds water, oil, and emulsifier,

automatic circulation, automatic storage tank, and automatic liquid supply. An intelligent three-way valve is installed on the engine,

and the engine’s return valve is automatically switched when the emulsified oil is switched.

The oil port goes back to our storage tank, no need to worry about emulsified oil going back to the diesel tank on board.

The independent separation tank allows diesel, water, and emulsifier to be fully integrated to maximize energy,

saving more costs for freight companies and making greater cleanliness for the environment.

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