Automatic Tank Gauging System

1. Development of ATG system

Automatic Tank Gauging System hereinafter referred to as ATG system.

In the petrochemical field, it has always been a not easy task to measure the storage tanks of various oil products.

Before people mostly used the measurement method of manual measurement, manual sampling, and manual calculation,

but this method is laborious and easy to cause errors.

Now, with the advancement of science and technology, people begin to use automatic metering methods,

such as ATG, HTG, HTMS, and other automatic metering systems,

which can partially or completely replace manual metering, and save labor costs, and greatly improve metering.

The ATG system has become the mainstream of the market.

gas station storage tank

2. What is an ATG system?

The ATG system is mainly composed of an intelligent controller/console and magnetostrictive liquid level meter/probe.

The magnetostrictive effect is generated by the probe in the magnetic field,

and the pulse is generated to calculate the displacement,

and then determine the liquid level value, and complete the measurement and analysis of the storage tank.

Liquid level, temperature, density, oil-water interface, volume/weight,

and other information are measured in real-time,

the data is transmitted to the liquid level meter for display,

and various historical reports are automatically generated to facilitate subsequent query and management.

and an alarm for oil leakage, high and low liquid level, etc.

At the same time, it can also be connected to the central management system,

and the data can be transferred to the computer desktop for better maintenance and management.

ATG System Schematic

3. Why use an ATG system?

As mentioned above, it saves labor and improves metering accuracy. Of course,

the biggest advantage is that it can be systematically managed and analyzed by data.

When you have many oil tanks, it is unrealistic to measure and analyze them one by one,

and it is extremely easy to cause confusion.

The automatic measurement system for storage tanks collects data from each tank,

analyzes and calculates it, and uploads the results to the backend management system terminal.

Bluesky ATG system

4. What are the application scenarios of the ATG system?

The ATG system is widely used in gas stations, mobile fuel service stations, oil depots, etc. It allows operators to monitor the data of oil tanks in real time, making management more convenient.

storage tank

5. What are the benefits of Blue Sky Energy’s ATG system?

Bluesky has been researching and using Automatic Tank Gauging Systems for over 10 years. Having rich experience.

If you have any questions or needs about the automatic tank metering system,

you can discuss them with us and we can provide a solution.

For gas stations, we can provide IC cards or RFID systems,

which can be used together with the ATG system,

so that the entire gas station can be managed intelligently.

In terms of oil depots, whether you have 10 oil tanks or 20 or 50,

we can integrate them into one system and use the mobile APP management system,

no matter when and where you are, you can know about the oil depot information data.

We make management easier.

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