Automatic Tank Gauging System

Informatized oil station management can enable gas stations to improve the level of comprehensive management, reduce the loss of oil products, and make oil companies the greatest benefit.

Therefore, the installation of an Automatic Tank Gauging (ATGS) System is increasingly valued by various petroleum companies.

So how to choose an Automatic Tank Gauging System, what kind of Automatic Tank Gauging System? Next, I will introduce you to Bluesky’s advanced Automatic Tank Gauging System.

What is an automatic tank gauging system?

Automatic Tanking System is mainly composed of two parts:

a new generation of high-precision metastatic -metastasized linear liquid level sensors (magnetic telescopic liquid level instrument) and smart console.

The console is the core of the data processing at the liquid level. It mainly displays the oil level, water level, temperature, etc. of the oil tanks, inventory information, etc. in real-time.

Monitor and automatically generate various historical reports; it is also an operating platform for installation personnel to set up and use the daily use of fuel stations.

Put the rod to measure and provide data in the oil tank.

The liquid levels and control of various liquid cans in the oil and chemical industries can be widely used.

Level gauge
Level gauge

Highly safe structure of Bluesky Automatic Tanking system

The controller (see below) is not only the interface of user operation and display, but also the center of data processing and recording, and provides a safe and reliable current voltage for the liquid level meter.

Its components mainly include a TFT color touch screen, core processing main board, safety grid, and power module. The display and operation screen is 8 inch 800 x 600 color touch screen;

The core processing main board is mainly composed of the current high-end embedded processor and peripheral circuit,

which is the command center of the whole liquid-level measurement system.

The safety grid is an explosion-proof safety isolation part, which provides a safe and reliable current voltage for the liquid level. The power module provides a reliable source of power for the entire system.

Automatic Tanking system

Features of Bluesky Automatic Tanking System

(1)Graphic touch screen control, general internationally, all English subtitles

(2) You can monitor the oil level, water level, density, volume, and temperature of 12 oil tanks at the same time at the same time.

(3) Automatically alarm and manually solve the alarm

(4) Automatically generate oil inlet forms, inventory reports, alarm reports, leakage reports

(5) Automatic tank formation and correction

(6) Have the function of side leakage supervision and control

(7) Entry and export of tank data

(8)Open networking protocol,it can be connected with the central control management system of mainstream petroleum equipment manufacturers at home and abroad,

Fully meet the needs of oil companies for retail management of refined oil.


Monitor screen
Monitor screen (Home page)

Technical parameters of Bluesky Automatic Tanking System

  • Power Supply: AC220V 0.2A 50/60Hz
  • Three RS-485 Communication Ports: External Liquid Meter
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
  • Safety Barrier: BlueskyGSB03 Type
  • Installation Location: Safe Area
  • Display Mode: 8 Inch Real Color Graphics

How to choose a magnetostrictive probe?

Choose technology mature, cost-effective, scalability, and choose products suitable for your own gas station.

(1) At present, there are three main types of rod technical types: capacitive liquid level meter, ultrasonic liquid level meter, and magnetic telescopic liquid level meter.

Due to the poor stability, the capacitive type is a new technology, but its accuracy is low.

Bluesky Automatic Tanking System belongs to the last one and is the most suitable and most suitable mature technology on the market.

Its measurement accuracy, duplicate accuracy, resolution, and other properties have high cost-effective advantages when choosing.

The selected liquid-level instrument product must be scalable. Bluesky Automatic Tanking System has a communication interface,

which can be connected to the system through the BLUESky wireless communication box.

The user can view the data from the PC side, or you can monitor the real-time status of the oil station on the mobile side at any time.

wired system

(3) Choose products suitable for your gas station. Bluesky offers two types of probe types.

The First is the MagnetoStricTive Probe, Which is Suitable for UnderGround Oil Tanks of 1-8 Meters in Diameter.

The Second is Flexible Probe, which is Suitable for 8-20 Meters Stand-Up Oil Tank.

Our Bluesky Customized the LENGTH of the Probe for the Customer, Which is Almost Applicable to All Oil Tanks, Accurate to the Two Digits After the decimal point.

Flexible Probe

More and more oil companies use the liquid level system as the basic equipment of the gas station,

which can not only avoid the danger of manual measurement and artificial errors but also save time,

and ensure rapid and accurate data.

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