Automobile energy change from gasoline to CNG

CNG station

(1) Advantages of CNG vehicles compared with fuel vehicles

1) It has good social benefits.

Urban air pollution is particularly severe. Fuel vehicle exhaust emissions account for more than 70% of urban air pollution and are the main source of air pollution.

Natural gas vehicle exhaust does not contain carcinogens such as lead and benzene and does not contain sulfides at all.

All kinds of toxic and harmful substances The overall emission reduction is about 85%. Natural gas vehicles are recognized as “green and environmentally friendly vehicles”.

Natural gas vehicles are one of the effective measures to solve urban air pollution.

2)Significant economic benefits.

The calorific value ratio of 1 cubic meter of natural gas to one liter of gasoline is about 1:1.14, while the price ratio of one cubic meter of natural gas to one liter of gasoline is basically 2.99:7.50. Gas is 50% cheaper than gasoline.

Substituting gas for oil can greatly reduce transportation Fuel costs, in addition, because natural gas burns completely, and cleanly,

does not easily produce carbon deposits, does not dilute lubricating oil, has high octane number, good anti-knock performance, low noise, and stable operation,

which can effectively reduce wear and tear of parts and prolong the service life of the engine More than double the cost of car maintenance and operation,

improve the economy of car use, save more than 50% of repair costs, and have significant economic benefits.


3)It is safer than gasoline vehicles.

Although natural gas is a flammable and explosive gas, its safety performance is better and safer than gasoline through a series of safety measures,

mainly expressed in the following aspects.

(1) High ignition point.

The ignition point of natural gas is above 650°C, which is 223 C higher than the ignition point of gasoline (427C), so it is not easy to ignite compared with gasoline;

(2) The density is low.

The relative density to air is about 0.58 to 0.60, and the leaked gas is quickly dissipated in the air, and it is difficult to form a combustion concentration in case of fire;

(3) The octane number is high.

It can reach 130, which is much higher than the current best No. 97 gasoline octane, and has good anti-knock performance;

(2) Investment and Benefit Analysis of Auto CNG Modification

In the initial stage of the popularization and use of CNG vehicles, due to the lack of CNG refueling stations,

the stage of using the two fuels must be considered, that is, the original gasoline and diesel vehicles are converted into CNG-burning vehicles,

but the original gasoline-diesel combustion devices are not removed. , the two fuels can be switched by the changeover switch,

so as to operate according to the fuel supply situation at any time.

CNG vehicles

Investment estimation and benefit analysis
  1. Modification fee: Generally, a bus is 9,800 yuan, a minibus is 5,600 yuan, and a taxi is 4,900 yuan.
  2. The ratio of CNG to fuel consumption: 1:1.14.
  3. Benefit analysis and investment payback period:
car model bus minibus taxi
Change fare 9800 5600 4900
Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers (liter) 18 12 8
Gas consumption per 100 kilometers (M3) 14 10.5 7
Cost savings per 100 kilometers (yuan) 23.2 12.9 8.6
Annual oil consumption (liter) 4500 3000 4000
Annual gas consumption (M3) 3947.4 2631.6 2508.8
Annual fuel cost (10,000 yuan) 1.35 0.9 1.2
Annual gas cost (10,000 yuan) 0.869 0.579 0.772
Annual savings (yuan) 4810 3210 4280
payback period 2 years and 5 months 1 year and 7 months 1 year and 2 months

Note: Fuel price is calculated at 3 yuan/L; gas price is calculated at 2.2 yuan/M3; annual driving days are calculated at 250 days.

(3) Advantages of Bluesky

For oil vehicles to gas vehicles, our company has some advanced transformation technology, a mature team,

advanced working principle, stable and reliable performance, simple and easy installation,

no need to make any changes to the engine, no need to change the compression ratio of the original engine,

and the cost is low, Easy to maintain. And it can be modified for most of the cars on the market.


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