EV Charging Facilities Will See Trillions of Dollars in Investment

We predict that by 2030, green transportation will bring investment opportunities of 2.3 trillion to 2.7 trillion US dollars,

including electric vehicles, EV charging facilities, and next-generation battery technology, which are all potential investment directions.

To achieve the net-zero goal, global policy mechanisms, technological innovation,

and consumer awareness will continue to improve, and more sustainable investment opportunities will emerge.

Focusing on the mitigation and adaptation of climate risks, after comprehensive consideration of investment feasibility and development potential,

we have summarized six investment themes (see the figure below). By 2030, these themes are expected to generate a combined investment opportunity of approximately $7 trillion to $11 trillion.

six investment themes

In the past few years, these six investment themes have been widely favored by investors,

especially the sub-segments such as new energy and electric vehicles, which are also hot spots for capital chasing. A number of industry giants with high market capitalization have emerged at home and abroad.

However, this is just the beginning. Based on our observation and analysis, from the perspective of the whole industry chain,

other sub-track industries and companies under these six investment themes are also accelerating their growth,

bringing huge potential investment opportunities.

This article will focus on analyzing the six major investment themes and their core subdivisions,

and in the process of digging deep into the track, focus on discussing the next round of potential growth points.

This article will introduce the green transportation that everyone is more concerned about.

Green Transportation

Green transportation and low-carbon travel have undoubtedly become the most popular investment themes. As far as the Chinese market is concerned,

most of the venture investments related to carbon reduction in recent years have been concentrated in the field of low-carbon travel.

At the same time, with the promotion of regulatory policies and the improvement of consumers’ awareness of low-carbon travel,

there is still a lot of room for growth in the field of transportation upgrades.

Electric vehicles have the potential to be one of the biggest race tracks in green transportation. First, market demand is growing. We predict that by 2025,

the penetration rate of pure electric vehicles in light vehicle sales will increase to 14%~16% of the total global sales;

while the penetration rate in truck sales is expected to increase to 30%~55%.

Secondly, in terms of cost, the total cost of ownership of electric passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles is currently comparable to that of internal combustion engine vehicles,

and as battery costs continue to decrease, the total cost of ownership of electric passenger vehicles will continue to decrease,

which is expected to further increase Electric vehicle sales volume.

With the rapid development of the electric vehicle industry, its related supporting industries have also ushered in rapid growth,

especially the EV charging facilities and the R&D and manufacturing of next-generation battery technology, all of which have brought attractive investment opportunities.

Regulatory policies successively introduced under the goal of “carbon neutrality” have strongly promoted the development of domestic charging infrastructure. For example,

in January this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments issued the “Implementation Opinions on Further Improving the Service Support Capability of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure”,

which proposed that by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”,

my country’s charging infrastructure system can meet the needs of more than 20 million electric vehicles. charging needs.

The substantial growth of the domestic charging infrastructure market has also attracted various investors to enter the market.

Digging deep into the track-charging infrastructure

We predict that by 2030, the global sales of new energy vehicles will reach 70 million, of which 70% will be concentrated in China. At the same time, domestic demand for charging facilities and manufacturing technology is also improving simultaneously.

Since Shenzhen began to build the first batch of electric vehicle charging piles in China in 2006,

the construction and development of China’s charging infrastructure have been mainly undertaken by the State Grid for many years and have not been opened to social capital.

Since then, as the country opened up the market for distributed power grid-connected projects and EV charger and swapping facilities, a large amount of private capital began to pour in.

In 2020, charging piles will be included in the “new infrastructure”, indicating that local governments will be inclined to the construction of charging infrastructure in terms of policy measures.

Many companies have already begun to deploy the field of EV charging facilities,

focusing on the three major directions of charging equipment production, supporting technology development, and facility operation (see the figure below).

EV charging facilities

However, the charging industry still faces multiple challenges, particularly in terms of grid capacity and lack of interoperability between platforms, which companies are also grappling with.

Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Technology, a listed company specializing in manufacturing EV charging facilities (Stock code: 835708), has its own R&D team and factory and independently developed Bluesky CMS and mobile payment equipment (WOW Charger) to improve EV charging station operation efficiency and energy supply efficiency, and realize interconnection through digitalization, make the use of new energy more convenient.

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