Tatsuno fuel dispenser in the Philippines

Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading professional company specializing in the development of network management systems for fuel dispensers and gas stations in China. Established in 1997, we have the experience to provide customers with the perfect gas station solution. The Tatsuno fuel dispenser is the company’s best-selling product. It sells an average of 80-200 units per month. Almost all customers from the Philippines will choose this fuel dispenser.

bluesky fuel dispenser RT-B112bluesky fuel dispenser RT-B224bluesky fuel dispenser RT-B366

Why do many people choose this Bluesky Brand Tatsuno type fuel dispenser?

1. China ranks Top one in the export of fuel dispensers
2. Professional 25-year fuel dispenser manufacturer
3. Experienced to provide customers with complete solutions
4. Provide customers with high-quality and competitive price products
5. Perfect after-sale service
6. Complete Spare parts
7. Fast shipping
8. Meet customer requirements
9. Gas station management system
10. Provide free customization

About the Model range and technical parameters of the Tatsuno-type fuel dispenser?

We can provide 1,2,4,6,8 nozzles fuel dispenser, and 6 nozzles fuel dispenser is our company’s bestseller,

The machine takes advantage of high accuracy, convenient operation, and easy repair, and it also bears abroad functions,

such as fueling as preset data, checking data, and accumulative amount of fuel and sum of sales.

The machine is widely used in a gas station for vehicles, suitable for gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, and various light fuel. (Equipped with communication ports, monitor and control fuel dispenser condition )

Main Technical parameter

Model Range

RT-TG122  1 PUMP 2 NOZZLES 2 display board 2 keyboard
RT-TG224  2 PUMP 2 NOZZLES 4 display board 2 keyboard
RT-W244  2 PUMP 2 NOZZLES 4 display board 4 keyboard
RT-W366  3 PUMP 6 NOZZLES 6 display board 6 keyboard

Tatsuno type pump and Tatsuno type flower flow, AC220V
Ambient Temperature:-25℃~+55℃
Flow range:(5~55) L/min
Repeating Accuracy:≤0.15%
Maximum head:6M(vertical), 50M(Level)
Power(optional)::AC110V±20%, AC220V±20% , AC380V±20% (50Hz\60hz)
Ex-proof Certificate: CE14.5013
Unit price range:0~9999, 0~999999 (changeable)
SIngle range:1~9999.99, 1~999999.99 (changeable)
Accumulative range:0~9999999999.99

Bluesky fuel pump

About the warranty period and after-sales service?

we offer a 1-year warranty, during this time we will send you free spare parts if something is broken,

but we usually suggest customers buy some spare parts as stock so they can replace new parts immediately.

And we have a professional team to offer after-sale service, they will offer an online technical guide once you need help.

You can also send some pictures and photos to us, our professionals will solve it for you faster.

Can we use our own logo?

Yes, We also offer customized service, which means we can manufacture fuel dispensers according to your requirements. You just need to send our high-definition logo.

For example, we can print your brand /logo on the door or spray different colors on the fuel dispenser.

Real customer feedback

We have many partners who say that the quality of Bluesky fuel dispensers is very good, and they sent us feedback pictures.

The following pictures are the feedback pictures of Bluesky’s real customers.

Philippines gas station

Philippines diesel fuel station

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