Bluesky background management system

The charging pile background management system is an integrated platform that monitors, manages, and maintains a distributed charging pile network. It connects each charging pile device with the management center through the Internet connection and realizes functions such as real-time monitoring, remote control, data analysis, and troubleshooting. This system is mainly used in public charging stations, and commercial charging pile networks, and can also be used in private charging facilities.

Bluesky background management system

The main points of the realization of the background management system of the charging pile

(1) Device interconnection and data collection

The charging pile background management system first needs to ensure the connection between the charging pile equipment and the management center.

This can be accomplished via various communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, cellular, or Ethernet. Once the device is successfully connected,

the system will be able to collect information such as usage data, charging status, and energy consumption of the charging pile in real time. The blue sky charging pile system supports the charging pile access of the standard OCPP1.6 protocol.

(2) Remote monitoring and control

The system allows operators to remotely monitor the operating status of charging piles.

The operator can check at any time whether the charging pile is working normally, whether there is a fault alarm, etc.

In addition, the remote control function enables operators to control the start and stop of charging piles and perform operations such as remote restart to provide a better user experience.

Remote monitoring and control

(3) User management and payment

The background management system needs to have a complete user management function.

Users can register and manage their charging accounts through mobile app registration or operator background addition.

The system supports a variety of activation methods, such as online payment activation, credit card activation, and membership discounts, to meet the needs of different users.

The online payment method will be expanded in the future according to different countries, and more mobile payment methods will be supported.

(4) Data Analysis and Reporting

The background management system can analyze charging pile usage data, generate reports, and provide data visualization. These data can include charging statistics, user usage patterns, charging efficiency, etc. Through data analysis, operators can optimize charging strategies and improve the utilization rate of charging piles.

Data Analysis and Reporting

(5) Fault diagnosis and maintenance

The system can monitor the operating status of the charging pile and send an alarm notification in case of failure. Operators can obtain fault information through the system, to dispatch maintenance personnel to deal with it in time.

Fault diagnosis and maintenance

(6) Security and privacy protection

The charging pile background management system needs to attach great importance to data security and user privacy protection. Encryption technology is used to ensure the security of data transmission, and at the same time comply with data protection regulations to protect users’ personal information from being misused.

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