Bluesky fuel dispenser replaces Tokheim fuel dispenser

Clients Replacing Tokheim fuel dispenser with Bluesky fuel dispenser

Clients gas stations

Why are Clients Replacing the Tokheim fuel dispenser with the Bluesky fuel dispenser?

Recently, one client of Bluesky replaced all their gas stations with old Tokheim fuel dispensers with Bluesky fuel dispensers and got good feedback.

In this article, I will detail clarify why they will accept Bluesky fuel dispensers, and change all fuel dispensers.

Bluesky fuel dispensers

1. Compatibility

This is the most important, Bluesky fuel dispensers are compatible with their existing fueling infrastructure, like the original Red Jacket Submersible Pump, petroleum transmission pipeline, fuel filling island, and any other integrated components. They only remove the old Tokheim fuel dispensers, then install the new Bluesky fuel dispensers, very easy.

Bluesky fuel dispensers are easy to install

2. Regulatory Compliance

Bluesky fuel dispensers have explosion-proof and Metrology certifications, like ATEX, MID, and OIML so that they can comply with their local and national regulations and standards.

And Bluesky company has the ISO and PEI certification.

Regulatory Compliance

3. Integration with the Tokheim POS system

Bluesky fuel dispensers can seamlessly integrate with the Tokheim POS system in their gas station, this client has used the Tokheim POS system for many years, even though Bluesky also has POS systems, but the client doesn’t want to change, luckily, Bluesky fuel dispensers also can connect with Tokheim POS system, it’s through Tatsuno protocol. In the previous articles, we have mentioned Bluesky fuel dispensers can communicate with many famous third-party gas station management systems in the market, through different protocols.

System compatible

4. More function

Bluesky fuel dispensers have some optional items, which can be added to the dispenser, like an LED rolling display, and a Multimedia player, which can play some advertising and welcome words and videos, it will be a good promotion way for gas station operation, Tokheim fuel dispensers won’t have these.

More functions

5. Cheaper Price

In the end, of course is a high performance-price ratio, Bluesky fuel dispensers only need 50% price of Tokheim fuel dispensers, but they can have 100% quality and performance.

Besides this, Bluesky fuel dispensers also replaced a lot of other brand fuel dispensers, like Gilbarco, Wayne, etc.

Bluesky Fuel dispenser replaces Wayne’s



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