Bluesky Fuel dispenser replaces Wayne’s

Bluesky fuel dispenser replaces Wayne’s.In April 2023, a customer in Sierra Leone chose Bluesky fuel dispensers to replace Wayne’s dispensers.

NP oil company is the largest oil company in Sierra Leone. They’ve been using Wayne fuel pumps before, and this year they chose Bluesky to try instead of  Wayne.

Bluesky wayne fuel dispenser

The decision of the NP oil company in Sierra Leone to choose Bluesky’s fuel dispensers over Wayne was influenced by various factors.

(1) Customization and Exclusivity:

One compelling reason for the customer to opt for Bluesky was the opportunity to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

While Wayne is undoubtedly a strong manufacturer,

it struggles to provide customized services due to the sheer number of customers it serves.

By choosing Bluesky, the customer could differentiate themselves in the market. They could select different logos, colors, and design details, allowing them to create a distinct branding experience.

This level of customization was an appealing factor that set Bluesky apart from Wayne,

where a unified fuel dispenser design is the norm.


(2) Emphasis on High Quality and Excellent Service:

Bluesky’s unwavering commitment to high-quality products and exceptional service played a pivotal role in the customer’s decision-making process.

The customer recognized the importance of these factors in ensuring a positive customer experience. Bluesky’s reputation for delivering superior quality products aligned with the customer’s expectations.

Moreover, Bluesky’s ability to provide a new modeling fuel dispenser design service catered to the customer’s specific requirements,

further reinforcing the notion of high-quality and personalized solutions.

Gas Station

(3) Gas Station Management System:

Both Wayne and Bluesky acknowledged the significance of an efficient gas station management system. Bluesky’s Joyfueling IC card management system,

which was installed alongside the fuel dispensers, and offered convenient data monitoring and management capabilities for gas station owners.

This integrated system allowed for seamless control and tracking of critical information such as fuel consumption, sales, and inventory.

Bluesky’s dedication to offering a comprehensive gas station management system was an attractive proposition for the customer. (For the introduction of the Joyfueling IC card system, you can check this article:

Gas Station Management

Furthermore, Bluesky’s ability to cater to multi-station customers was an essential factor that appealed to the customer. Recognizing the diverse needs of such customers, Bluesky provided customized development services to meet their unique requirements. This included the customization of the gas station management system to align with the customer’s specifications and demands. The flexibility and willingness to upgrade the system based on customer feedback and requirements demonstrated Bluesky’s commitment to long-term partnerships and customer satisfaction.

The Bluesky gas station APP system has been customized.

As a testament to its dedication to meeting customer needs, Bluesky went above and beyond for NP oil company. They accepted the customer’s request and developed a special version of the Joyfueling system specifically tailored to integrate with NP oil company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This integration enabled seamless communication and data synchronization between the gas station and the central ERP system. The centralized ERP system provided NP oil companies with real-time access to critical data, such as customer information, balances, and refueling records, streamlining their operations and enhancing their ability to serve customers effectively.

Moreover, Bluesky’s development team customized and modified the Bluesky gas station app system to meet NP Oil company’s requirements. This included the station owners’ app and the station customers’ app. The customized app enabled direct communication between NP oil company’s app and Bluesky’s gas station app. This integration facilitated functions such as code scanning payment, remote recharging, and card loss reporting, offering convenience and enhanced services for gas station drivers.

Looking ahead, Bluesky is committed to fostering a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with NP oil company.

They are poised to provide further system customization and upgrading services to meet NP oil company’s evolving needs.

By continuously tailoring its solutions to match customer requirements, Bluesky aims to exceed expectations and solidify long-term partnerships.

In summary, the decision to choose Bluesky over Wayne was influenced by the opportunity for customization and exclusivity,

Bluesky’s emphasis on high quality and excellent service, and the comprehensive gas station management system provided by Bluesky.

The customer’s trust in Bluesky was further reinforced by their system customization services,

including the development of a specialized version of the Joyfueling system integrated with the customer’s ERP system and the customization of the gas station app system.

These factors, coupled with Bluesky’s commitment to ongoing customization and upgrading services, ensured NP Oil company’s satisfaction and laid the foundation for a strong and collaborative partnership.

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