Bluesky fuel dispenser RT-WY appearance design experience

As one of the core equipment of modern gas stations, the appearance design, and layout of the tanker are crucial to the operational efficiency and safety of the gas station. The design of the tanker’s appearance structure is also an important factor in improving efficiency and safety. The following are my thoughts and experiences in designing the Bluesky fuel dispenser RT-WY series. I hope it will be helpful to practitioners in related industries.

What does Bluesky’s fuel dispenser RT-WY look like?

RT-WY fuel dispenser 4 nozzle

1. Optimize structural design to improve efficiency

In the sheet metal design of the fuel dispenser, reasonable structural design can significantly improve the operating efficiency of the equipment.

First of all, through reasonable modular design, assembly time can be reduced and work efficiency improved.

Secondly, considering the capacity, flow rate, and operation interface layout of the tanker in the design can ensure the tanker maintains long-term stability during high-load operation.

The following are the pipelines and elements of the internal components of the Bluesky fuel dispenser RT-WY series device layout diagram:


Bluesky fuel dispenser RT-WY series device layout diagram

2. Design that pays attention to liquid fluidity

As a liquid transmission equipment, the oil dispenser should pay attention to the fluidity of the liquid in its sheet metal design. Reasonable pipeline design and internal structure can minimize liquid loss and waste and improve refueling efficiency. The following is the structural design of the internal pipeline to reduce flow loss, as shown below:

Design of internal liquid fluidity of fuel dispenser

3. Improve the reliability and durability of equipment

Reliability and durability are crucial considerations in tanker sheet metal design. The use of high-quality materials and reasonable calculation of structural strength enables the device to withstand long-term high-frequency use and harsh environmental conditions. In addition, reasonable anti-corrosion measures and regular maintenance can extend the service life of equipment and reduce the number and cost of downtime maintenance. When designing the rack in sheet metal, 3.0mm steel plates are used to improve the stability of the equipment, as shown below:

Fuel dispenser frame base structure diagram

4. Focus on safety design

Tankers are equipment involving flammable liquids, and safety design is crucial. In sheet metal design, measures to prevent leakage, fire protection, and explosion protection should be reasonably considered. Our electronic controls are all located in the computer box. The design standard of the computer box is IP54, which is waterproof and explosion-proof. There are threading connectors at the bottom for better waterproofing. As shown below:

Structural diagram of fuel dispenser electric control box

Tanker sheet metal design is critical to the operational efficiency and safety of your gas station. By optimizing structural design, paying attention to liquid fluidity,

improving reliability, and focusing on safety design, the efficiency and durability of the tanker can be improved. In our daily work,

we should constantly summarize experiences and optimize designs to meet the changing industry needs and bring new vitality to products.

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