Bluesky Fuel Dispenser advantages

Bluesky Fuel Dispenser advantages.

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1. High accuracy class

You know the two main components of a fuel dispenser that can affect the accuracy of the fuel dispenser are the flow meter and pulser,

our flow meter adopts Japanese advanced technology, which has advantages such as long using the term, big flow range (5-80L/Min), and high precision(±0.2%).

Our pulser adopts the essence of the circuit and structure of the pulses of fuel dispensers from all over the world,

and a self-designed explosion-proof pulser with multiple modes has the advantages of reasonable structure,

exquisite appearance, reliable performance, and high precision (200 pulses per revolution). Through these two important components,

the Bluesky fuel dispenser has approved the MID and OIML certification which the whole dispenser has the 0.5% high accuracy class.

High accuracy pulserpulser Schematic

2. Can be connected with many third-party Gas Station Pos Systems

In the Bluesky fuel dispenser, there are 4 protocols that can be chosen, they are Bluesky, Tatsuno, Japan, and DART protocols.

They support us can be communicated with many famous third-Party Gas Station Pos Systems,

like Fusion, DOMS, POSTEC, Tokheim, PTS from Ukraine Technotrade, ALVIC from Spain, Petrobox, FCS some South American Local systems.

smart card payment system

3. High performance-price ratio

Compared with original Gilbarco, and Wayne fuel dispensers, Bluesky fuel dispensers can have the same quality but at a cheaper price,

so more and more clients prefer using Bluesky fuel dispensers to replace the original Gilbarco and Wayne fuel dispensers.

Bluesky fuel Dispenser factory

4. Customized service

Except for standard products, Bluesky also has customized service,

we can print clients’ logos on the Bluesky Fuel dispenser and paint different colors as they want,

this is a benefit to help client promote their brand.

Custom fuel Dispenser

5. Gas station management and payment systems

Bluesky already has many different kinds of management and payment systems, except daily management and monthly,

and yearly report account checking, Bluesky has different kinds of payment systems, like IC cards, RFID cards, POS terminals,

and mobile application. If clients want to realize one of the above functions and help them better manage the gas stations,

they only need to buy Bluesky management and payment systems and Bluesky fuel dispenser.

Gas station mobile phone management system

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