Bluesky Gas Station Management System

Since the birth of the automobile, the birth of the fuel dispenser has become inevitable. From the manual refueling of the fuel dispenser to the combination of computer technology and fuel dispenser technology, it has become the current electronically controlled fuel dispenser. Gas station management systems are also becoming more and more common.

Fuel dispenser technology has developed together with computer information technology, and its functions are becoming more and more powerful and intelligent.

Therefore, the application of gas station management systems will also become a development trend.

Bluesky also launched our gas station management system, the Joyfueling management system.

This system was completely developed by our technical team and is perfectly compatible with Bluesky fuel dispensers and can also be adapted with other brands of fuel dispensers.

Next, let me introduce to you for Joyfueling management system.

Joyfueling management system consists of hardware and software parts. As long as you purchase our communication box, you can use our system.

The communication box is small and lightweight and can be installed inside the machine or in the office, depending on your actual needs.

Bluesky Gas Station Management System

The joyfueling management system is divided into station-level and central management systems. The station-level system requires installation software on the PC. Because it is connected through a wire, it is relatively more stable.


The central system can be logged in through the web or mobile phone, which is more convenient and faster. You can check the data of the gas station anytime and anywhere, no need to check it in the gas station office.


Many people may ask, there are so many different gas station management systems on the market, why should choose our management system? Then we will tell you the advantages of our system.

1. We have liquid level gauge system

We have our own developed Bluesky liquid level meter. The communication box can be used with our liquid-level management system. You can check the liquid level of the oil tank in real-time.

At the same time, the probes we provide can also be used in extreme environments, such as minus 40 degrees Celsius. In Mongolia, our customers can also use the liquid level meter very well.

2. Our system will compare the sales volume of the dispenser with the liquid level gauge data

3. Our system has an error alarm function

When there is a problem with your fuel dispenser, our system will remind you of the error, allowing you to find the fault faster and reduce losses.

4. Our system is scalable

Our system is constantly developing and has been successfully matched with RFID. You can use it for customers with fixed fleets.

Currently, our RFID fuel dispenser has two modes. Swipe the card or read the tag with a reader, which you can use for your company’s internal vehicles.

For example, if the reader reads the label mode, the label will be affixed to the vehicle refueling port,

so that only fixed vehicles can be refueled, preventing employees from refueling other non-company vehicles.

Shortly, our machines can even be connected with your local mobile app payment function to make filling up even more convenient for your customers.

5. Professional team with 24-hour after-sales service

We have a professional after-sales team that is ready to solve your problems at any time.

6. Our system can be connected to billboards

If you have a billboard, you can modify the unit price of the billboard through our system control.

7. Our system has a user points system

We have a points system. You can set up a points redemption system. Your customers can earn points by filling up at your gas station. The points can be used to redeem small gifts or other things, which can increase customer stickiness and stabilize the source of customers.

At present, we are constantly promoting the system and striving to make all machines intelligent, not just oil dispensers, but even mini skids. We currently have many application examples.


We firmly believe that intelligent fuel dispensers are the trend of the times, and we will continue to work hard for it.

If you need to know more product knowledge, you can come to our store for consultation at any time, and we will always be ready to answer your questions.

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