Bluesky multifunctional intelligent communication box

Bluesky multifunctional intelligent communication box.

Now the whole site management requires more and more functions, and there are many equipment manufacturers.

There is no unified protocol for the communication interaction of each piece of equipment, and most of them require separate management software.

Therefore, multi-functional intelligent communication is needed controller to meet the growing demand of gas stations.

Now most manufacturers use their own background system, but there are many shortcomings:

In the prior art, the data is transmitted to each own background software, or there is no background management software at all,

but there are the following disadvantages:

1. The compatibility is not good, because the communication protocol of the fuel dispenser is not uniform, different fuel dispensers need different backgrounds;

2. The function is single, and third-party devices cannot be accessed;

3. The transmission distance is short, and the remote management of refueling equipment and data cannot be realized.

4. There are few options for transmission methods, basically, all need to break ground to pull wires for communication。

The multifunctional intelligent communication box developed by Bluesky can solve the above shortcomings.

In order to solve the above deficiencies, Bluesky has the following technical solutions is adopted:

1. A multifunctional intelligent communication controller applicable to multiple communication box,

characterized in that there is an STM32F4 processor chip on the control board, and the STM32F4 chip has 6 serial ports and 7 groups of IO ports (each group of IO ports has 16 IO),

the interface meets the basic needs, and the later expansion is also convenient. And it has a large amount of storage space,

which can store a large amount of offline data so that the device can be used in areas with unstable networks.

And ensure that the data is retained stably.

Bluesky multifunctional intelligent communication box
Bluesky multifunctional intelligent communication box

2. There are 4 RS485 ports on the motherboard, through the background (cloud background management system,

host computer management system) can be set for the RS485 port, after the port is set, it can be connected to the fuel dispenser,

liquid level gauge, differential pressure gauge, probe and RFID Equipment, and other gas station monitoring equipment,

each port is independent, and different protocols can be set independently to meet the needs.

And it can carry out wireless transmission between devices by carrying a wireless module, allowing users to reduce the line layout of the entire station.

3. The main board is equipped with a GPRS module, WIFI module, 2G, and 4G module, through the above functional modules,

it can perform wireless Internet access, positioning, and other functions so that users can view and control the equipment of the entire gas station anytime and anywhere.

Each device has an independent internal IP, which can realize the uniqueness of the device.

You can find and locate the device directly and quickly.

And it can be upgraded remotely online, which can reduce the cost of maintenance and repair.

4. The main board is equipped with a display module and buttons, which can directly display some information and problem reports,

and perform setting processing, and has a USB port, which can directly export log files for data query.

It has a cloud background management system, a host computer management system, a mobile APP, a POS machine system, and multiple system function modules.

Functions such as data monitoring, device positioning, background monitoring, information management, and device upgrades have been realized.

And it supports IC cards, bank cards, M1 cards, RFID, and non-card consumption.

There are 2 analog input ports, 2 digital input ports, and 2 digital output ports on the main board, which can be set and used according to user needs.

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