130th Canton Fair

The BlueSky company participated in the 130th Canton Fair

Time: October 15-October 19, 2021
BlueSky booth number: 8.0E16
Exhibits: Fuel Dispenser, EV Charger, Level Gauge

BlueSky Canton Fair 130

130th Canton Fair Bluesky booth number: 8.0E16

At this exhibition, Bluesky displayed a newly designed fuel dispenser. The tops of the two sides of the fuel dispenser are inclined,

and the oil outlet is set on the upper part of the column. One oil product, 2 Nozzles, and the whole are 2 oil products and 4 nozzles.

The EV charger is a DC fast charging type, which contains 3 charging interface modes, which can charge any electric vehicle that meets GBT, CCS, and CHAdeMO standards. Bluesky can meet various customizations of users to adapt to your local charging environment.

Tank Gauging system consists of a liquid level gauge controller, magnetostrictive level gauge, management server, and management software other components,
the system can monitor 1-6 tanks at the same time, fully realize the closed measurement and data quasi Indeed, safety, at the same time with side leakage alarm, accident alarm, liquid level alarm, and other functions.
a gas station can be a full Bit of monitoring, fully automated petrol station management, and intelligence. Let your management be worry-free!

Attention from the Chinese government

The characteristics and highlights of the current Canton Fair, the director of the China Foreign Trade Center pointed out that the 130th Canton Fair is a very special session in the development history of the Canton Fair, and it is a landmark international trade event.

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the only large-scale exhibition in China that did not resume offline exhibitions was the Canton Fair.

The 130th Canton Fair was held online and offline, which marked the full resumption of production and production of all large-scale exhibitions in China, and also marked China’s overall planning.

New progress has been made in the strategic results achieved in epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.

The Premier of the State Council of China (Li Keqiang) visited the Canton Fair


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