Bluesky RFID management system for container gas stations

Container gas stations are usually provided with fuel for large vehicles, and are established in construction sites, driving schools, logistics companies, mines, and other places, To solve the problems of safety hazards and low refueling efficiency, we connect to the RFID management system for container gas stations.

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What is a Bluesky RFID management system?

Introduce RFID tags into the connection of container gas stations to realize intelligent refueling solutions for identifying, tracking, and managing refueling vehicles.

Bluesky RFID management system

What are the application advantages of RFID management systems?

1. Vehicle recognition:

By installing an RFID label on the vehicle, and installing the RFID MODULE on the oil gun of the container gas machine, the tanker’s rapid identification of the vehicle is recognized and agreed to refuel.

Only by recognized vehicles can refueling operations improve the safety of gas stations.

2. Real-time monitoring of refueling data:

The RFID system can realize the various data of refueling in the background monitoring, including but not limited to the amount of refueling per hour, the amount of refueling daily, the volume of the refueling of different oils, the amount of fuel in the oil tank, each every, each time, each of which is left.

Vehicle refueling data provides convenience for subsequent data analysis and management.

Real -time monitoring of refueling data

3. Preventing illegal refueling and theft:

Since the RFID system can achieve the output and remaining data statistics of the vehicle’s refueling, effectively preventing the risk of the gas stations from being stolen,

and effectively prevent illegal refueling from foreign vehicles, which guarantees the maximum extent to which no one refuels refuel Safety and accuracy.

4. Simplify the refueling process:

The application of the RFID system makes the refueling process more intelligent and efficient. The vehicle does not need to park in line to wait for manual operation to refuel.

It only needs to help the RFID label on the vehicle to refuel the RFID label on the vehicle, which saves the time of users and improves the efficiency of refueling.


How to use the Bluesky RFID management system to refuel cars?

1. Vehicle recognition:

The system-authorized vehicle enters the side of the container gas station, opens the fuel tank cover, and uses an oil gun scan with an RFID module.

2. Refueling operation:

In the process of refueling, the system will monitor fuel flow and refueling in real-time and record related data.

3. Finishing refuel:

When the refueling is completed, the system will automatically stop the refueling process and record the volume and related information.

4. Settlement and record:

After the refueling is completed, the system can generate and associate refueling records with vehicle information and payment methods. This information can be used for subsequent settlement and report generation.

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