Bluesky RFID refueling identification system

Bluesky RFID system components:

The RFID fueling identification system is composed of RFID management system software, a hub, a ZigBee host, an RFID module, and an RFID tag.

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ZigBee host:

The ZigBee mainframe is installed as close as possible to the RFID module.

The path of communication between them is preferably free of obstructions (especially metal obstructions) and can be installed on the ceiling of the dispenser.

Bluesky RFID module basic parameters

1) Rated voltage: 12V

2) Standby current: 0.39mA

3) Working current: 60mA

4) RFID scanning tag distance: 12CM

5) Connection with the main board: RS485

6) Shell material: PA6

7) RFID module weight: 450g

Blue sky RFID module working environment

1) Working temperature: (-25~55) ℃

2) Relative temperature: ≤95%

3) Ambient air pressure: The ambient air pressure at the installation site is (80-106) kPa.

4) Hazardous places: the explosive hazardous places are Zone 1 and Zone 2, with explosive gas of Group IIA T4

Bluesky RFID module glue sealing process

1) The intrinsically safe protection circuit inside the dotted line box is encapsulated with epoxy resin,

and no modification is allowed without the approval of the certification body.

2) Pouring material: a bisphenol A open-type epoxy resin, diluent, filler, dyeing agent, flame retardant material,

use temperature -60~100 degrees; b, curing agent, used for curing epoxy resin, Non-toxic and safe to use.

3) Pouring method: Make a frame around the plastic shell, mix the epoxy resin and curing agent evenly at a ratio of 10:4, inject slowly,

and shake constantly to ensure that the interior is full without air bubbles. The potting thickness is 1mm higher than the component surface.

4) Heat resistance range: -30 ~ 200 degrees.

5) Curing time: 24 hours at room temperature.

RFID module glue sealing process

How to install the Bluesky RFID system:

1) Open the fuel tank cap of the car, and paste the RFID tag on the position shown in the figure below.

paste the RFID tag

2) RFID module installation: the installation location is on the top of the oil gun, as shown in the figure below.

RFID module installation

Precautions when using RFID modules:

  • When using the RFID module to scan the electronic tag, the RFID antenna should be in close contact with the electronic tag.
  • Do not charge, short circuit, squeeze, disassemble, heat above +100°C, incinerate, or expose the contents to water. In case of explosion, burning, and leakage, dispose of used batteries properly.

In case of heavy rain or lightning, the business will be suspended.

  • Non-professional management and maintenance personnel are strictly forbidden to disassemble the machine without permission.
  • The place where the machine is installed should be well-ventilated and avoid rain and sun exposure.
  • Stop using it immediately when an accident occurs.

Bluesky RFID module maintenance and after-sales service:

1) The RFID module relies on battery power to work, and it needs to be replaced when the battery is low.

2) In normal use, there is no accidental factor, and the damage caused by product quality problems will be guaranteed, replaced,

and refunded within 12 months after the module is sold,

and we are willing to provide users with corresponding technical services.

3) It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the battery in dangerous places.

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