Bluesky Smart Mini Fuel Station

In recent years, mini gasoline stations have become popular in the Philippines. More and more people are using Bluesky smart communication boxes because they can manage your gas station accurately. Bluesky developed a smart communication box and joy-fueling software.

Bluesky Smart Mini Fuel Station

Bluesky is the most professional manufacturer in China, we have 27 years of experience in producing gas station equipment,

providing customers with complete solutions and after-sales services, including fuel dispensers, mini gasoline stations,

mobile fuel stations, and portable gas stations. The most important thing is that we can also make our machines connect with your system/POS,

This is one of the reasons why more and more people choose the Bluesky brand.

Bluesky smart communication boxes

What is Joy fueling and smart communication box?

Joyfueling management system is a gas station management system independently developed by Bluesky.

  1. Timely know the gas station information in an all-round way and the station management in detail.
  2. online version update and ATG, dispenser parameter setup.
  3. support different payment methods, RFID, POS, and Bank cards.
  4. Support different communication protocols -Dart, Wayne, Tatsuno, Gilbarco.
  5. Remote price change and dispenser lock.

The smart communication box connects to the mini fuel station through wired and wireless connections, Wireless mainly connects machines through wifi and 4G.

smart communication box

Joy fueling mobile app functions

Joy fueling mobile app

1. Login: Enter the employee number and password to log in.

2. The homepage mainly displays the sales volume of the day, the sales volume of the current month, the sales volume of the current year, and the number of equipment warnings.

3. You can modify the unit price, preset refueling, and remotely shut down through the mobile phone and web pages.

View portable fuel station daily, monthly, and annual reports, and also check oil tank inventory in real-time, we can provide bluesky ATG.

joy fueling management system web version


The main interface is mainly divided into 4 areas:

  1. Menu bar, logout menu bar, language selection menu bar
  2. The 4 areas in the middle are the display area for the number of online devices, the amount of refueling on the day, the amount of refueling on the day, and the oil tank information. Pulling down is the display area for recent transaction records and oil tank alarm information.

joy fueling management system web version

How to connect the mini fuel station, smart communication box, and joy fueling?

The smart communication box supports wifi and 4G card mode, You only need to prepare a router or a 4G card, We provide you with all hardware and software components. The hardware mainly includes smart communication boxes and USB flash drives, All hardware has been installed by us before shipment

wifi and 4G

What other management systems can Bluesky provide?

We already have a wired and wireless management system, an RFID system, and an IC card system. If you want to know more about our system, you can leave your contact information and we have professional people to answer all your questions.

Bluesky Payment Method systems

Thank you for viewing this article, Follow us to learn more about new products, and start your mobile fuel station business plan now, we can provide you with a mini gas station design and mini micro gas station price list.



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