Bluesky Tatsuno type flowmeter

Bluesky Tatsuno type flowmeter, The flowmeter is mainly suitable for the metering of fuel dispensers and other gas-liquid mixtures. There are three commonly used flowmeters, Tatsuno flowmeter FM4, Tatsuno flowmeter FM4B and Token flowmeter FM3, Applicable medium: measurement of kerosene, gasoline, diesel oil, and other oils.

Flowmeter  working  principle

The combination pump pumps the oil into the flow meter and uses the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet to push the piston, the movement drives the connecting rod, the connecting rod drives the crankshaft, and the crankshaft drives the distribution valve.

Through the conversion of the distribution valve, the piston is continuously reciprocated, and the oil is discharged to the outlet of the flowmeter. Four (or three) pistons discharge 0.5 liters of oil per cycle (that is, the crankshaft or movable disc rotates once).

Tatsuno flowmeter

The working direction of rotation

face the coupling end and rotates clockwise.

Flowmeter rotation direction

The flow direction of oil in the flowmeter

The flow direction of the medium: the pump pumps the oil into the flowmeter, the oil enters from the inlet of the flowmeter,

enters the piston working chamber through the distribution valve, and pushes the piston connecting rod under the action of oil pressure,

when the end face of the piston connecting rod and the end cover When they are in contact with each other, an oil discharge is completed.

As the side rod of the piston is reciprocating, the distributing valve rotates in a circle driven by the transmission pin.

When the piston completes oil discharge (that is, the distributing valve rotates 90 degrees),

and so on, the distributing valve rotates one circle Complete one cycle (that is, oil discharge 0.5L/r).

Flow direction of oil in the flowmeter

Flowmeter testing and adjustment

The flowmeter has been strictly inspected and tested before leaving the factory, and all parameters meet the standard requirements.

If the user needs to adjust the parameters during use.

When the measurement accuracy of the fuel dispenser is out of tolerance,

it can be fine-tuned by adjusting the adjustment device of the flow meter.

Flowmeter Accurate Adjustment:

1. As shown in the figure below, open the lead seal on the upper part of the handle of the flowmeter, pull out the lead seal wire and lead seal pin, and turn the handle clockwise or counterclockwise,

less oil will be produced when it is turned clockwise, and more oil will be produced when it is turned counterclockwise.

2. Tatsuno flowmeter has 15 adjustment holes in total, and the adjustment handle can adjust one hole distance or half-hole distance at a time. When adjusting one-hole pitch,

the adjustment amount is about 0.08%, and the adjustment amount for every half-hole pitch is about 0.04%.

After the adjustment is completed, insert the pin and seal the lead (this operation should be carried out by a verification agency authorized by the local technical supervision department).

There are 14 adjustment holes in the Token flowmeter. The adjustment handle can adjust the distance of one hole or half of the hole at a time. When adjusting one hole pitch, the adjustment amount is about 0.2%,

and the adjustment amount for every half-hole pitch is about 0.1%.

Flowmeter testing and adjustment

Common Simple Fault Analysis of Flowmeter

There are mainly three types of flowmeter failure phenomena: leakage, inaccurate measurement, and non-counting of oil output.

1. flowmeter leak
cause of issue solution
Check whether the seal at the leaking part is damaged or aging Replace the rubber seal
Check the castings at the leakage site for defects such as sand holes, pores, or cracks Replace defective castings
Fastening screws are unevenly stressed or not tightened Tighten the screws evenly
2. Inaccurate measurement
cause of issue solution
Whether the leather wrist is damaged Replace the leather wrist (note: the inner surface of the cylinder liner must be cleaned before replacement)
Worn dispenser valve or dispenser seat Replace Dispense Valve or Dispense Seat
3. Oil does not count
cause of issue solution
Check if the flow meter is reversed Change the opening direction of the distribution valve assembly
Check whether the transmission pins of each part are broken Replace drive pin

Green is thesealing surface


Leather bowl

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