Bluesky Transfer Pump For Tank Truck

A fuel transfer pump is a mechanical device used to transfer fuel from one place to another. These pumps are commonly used in fuel systems such as those found in automobiles, aircraft, ships, and industrial equipment. Their main function is to transport fuel from a storage container or fuel tank to the engine or combustion equipment by mechanical or electrical power.

Bluesky Transfer Pump

Overall, fuel transfer pumps play a key role in various transportation and industrial applications,

ensuring that fuel can be efficiently and reliably delivered to where it is needed to maintain the normal operation of equipment.

Technology Parameters

Lift the oil nozzle and press the start button. The mainboard sends a start signal to the power drive board to start the motor.

The motor drives the pump. The fuel enters the oil filter and oil pump, and the fuel pushes the gear through the OGM gear ratio flow meter,

which generates a pulse signal and sends it to the main board. After receiving the pulse signal, the main board performs calculations,

measures the oil volume and oil volume, and calculates the oil volume and volume. It shows that after the oil flows through the oil pipe, it is output from the oil pipe to the outer nozzle.

After refueling, press the stop button, the main board will send a shutdown signal to the motor drive board, turn off the motor, put the gun back on the bracket, and refuel.

Technology Parameters

Refueling Operation

Refueling Operation

Default Refueling:

(1) Press the “L/P” button to select /L (Liter). The prompt is the fuel quantity (L). The preset fuel quantity is P. The prompt is the fuel quantity. Default fuel.

(2) Press the numeric keys to enter the preset value (if you make a mistake, press the “Clear” key to clear it) Be clear, one or two decimal places are valid).

(3) Lift the oil nozzle or press the start button to start refueling. When the preset value is reached, Refueling will automatically stop; the display panel will show the current refueling amount and quantity.

Refuel any amount: raise the nozzle or press the “Start” button to refuel, press, After filling is completed, press the “Stop” key to exit.

Integer stop refueling function: During the refueling process, press the “7/L” rounding key To stop refueling, press the “10/yuan” rounding key and stop refueling when it reaches 10 yuan.

Note: The interval between this start of refueling and the next start of refueling is about 3 seconds.

Precautions for use and maintenance:

(1) Use the special key provided to open the door panel of the filling machine so that Easy to install and maintain.

(2) Press the preset measurement or dosage on the keyboard, take out the grease gun, wait 2 seconds, and the electricity After the motor starts,

turn on the oil gun switch to add oil to the preset amount of oil or After the amount is full, the motor automatically shuts down and the oil gun no longer produces oil.

(3) During the refueling process, if the nozzle of the oil nozzle comes into contact with the liquid level in the container, it will automatically.

The oil gun will automatically close and stop supplying oil. Prevent oil from spilling from containers caused by waste.

(4) The gas engine should be kept clean, and the fuel tank and debris in the fuel tank should be removed regularly. Regular pipeline.

(5) The filter should be cleaned regularly (once a week is appropriate). If it is damaged, it should be cleaned in time. Replace in time.

(6) The oil pump blades should be cleaned regularly.

(7) The measurement accuracy of the measuring device should be determined by professionals,

Regular inspection personnel and oil supply operators are not allowed to make adjustments.

(8) When servicing electricity, the power must be disconnected first and no tampering is allowed charged.

Why Choose a Transfer Pump for Tank Trucks?

This series of oil filling machines is composed of a motor, and oil pump, high accuracy, easy operation, convenient maintenance,

easy operation, easy maintenance, easy operation, easy operation, easy, easy to operate, and fast.

Bluesky Transfer Pump For Tank Truck

1. High-efficiency material transportation: The transfer pump can quickly and efficiently transport various materials from one place to another,

and is suitable for liquid, granular, or powdery materials. This is very important when loading and unloading trucks, especially when the job needs to be done quickly.

2. Reduce manual labor: The transfer pump can automatically perform the task of material transportation, reducing the need for manual labor.

This is beneficial for improving work efficiency, reducing labor costs, and reducing human errors.

3. Suitable for different types of materials: The transfer pump can adapt to different types and shapes of materials, from liquids to granules,

and even some more viscous materials. This flexibility makes transfer pumps ideal for handling a variety of materials.

4. Adapt to the needs of different construction sites: The transfer pump can be moved as needed to adapt to the requirements of different construction sites.

This allows the trucks to transport materials on different construction sites without the need for additional fixed conveyor systems.

5. Reduce transportation costs: The transfer pump can reduce the time of loading and unloading materials by directly transporting materials to trucks,

thereby increasing the utilization rate of trucks and reducing transportation costs.

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