Fuel dispenser can be unit-combined

Innovative arc and unique appearance

The horizontal and vertical development can no longer satisfy the BlueSky fuel dispenser. It has begun to “turn a corner”. In order to unify the image of the whole station,

the BlueSky unit combined fuel dispenser has an innovative arc and unique appearance. Refuel the column in all directions.
Breaking through the stereotyped square shape of traditional gas dispensers,

with a high appearance and complete configuration, it is integrated with the overall environment of the gas station,

and the gas dispenser can also become a beautiful scenery in the gas station!

Bluesky fuel dispenser

Reasonable design to improve vehicle passing rate!

The BlueSky unit combined fuel dispenser makes full use of the oil standing column space, minimizes the refueling island, and increases the refueling radius. One island can refuel multiple vehicles at the same time.

The design of three products and six nozzles realizes full product coverage for each parking space.
The gas station can use 4 fuel dispensers with 24 fuel nozzles. The columns are scattered, even if there are vehicles in front of refueling,

customers can quickly find a suitable location, avoid congestion, and effectively improve the vehicle passing rate.

Bluesky fuel dispenser

Rich functions to enhance the refueling experience

While meeting the refueling function, a 32-inch human-machine intelligent interactive touch screen is used,

and the marketing interface of oil products and non-oil products can be switched at any time to increase human-computer interaction and promote sales

In addition to the conventional configuration, the gas station BlueSky unit combined fuel dispenser is also equipped with various functions such as hose stretching and refueling status prompts to enhance the customer’s refueling experience.

Bluesky IC card fuel dispenser


We-Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Technology CO., LTD. has been in the fuel dispenser manufacturer & supplier field in China since 1997.
Before being a fuel dispenser manufacturer & supplier in China, Bluesky is the first company specializing in developing and producing fuel dispensers controllers and gas station management systems. Bluesky entered the international market in 2006. We participated in all kinds of professional exhibitions which are for fuel dispenser manufacturers & suppliers, such as the USA Dallas Exhibition, Germany UNITI expo, etc. We got all kinds of certificates

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