Bluesky’s mini fuel stations are selling well in Honduras

The mini fuel station is a ground refueling device that integrates oil tanks, pumps, nozzles, automatic fire extinguishing balls, and other parts.

This is a new type of product that has been born in recent years. We sell more than 20 mini fuel stations to Honduras every month.

So why do customers in Honduras love this product so much?

fuel stations

1. The features of the mini gas station are:

a. A small size and small footprint

b. Easy to install, can be relocated as a whole, the equipment will not be damaged after relocation, and the value can be maintained economically.

c. Equipped with many safety components, such as automatic fire extinguishing ball, explosion-proof motor, etc.

d. we also have introduced the solar function:

Usually, the power supply works. When there is a power outage in the area, work with solar panels and hand cranks. Customers can use the hand crank to refuel.

hand crank to refuel

2. Why choose a mini fuel station instead of a regular fuel station?

Mini fuel stations offer advantages that regular fuel stations can’t match.

a. Install it in any position you want.

It can be installed directly in parking lots, docks, driveway open spaces in logistics centers, or parking spaces.

The refueling runway can directly use the original lane to realize nearby refueling.

A mini fuel station to refuel motorcycles is a great option.

However, the installation location of a traditional fuel station needs to go through various considerations.

b. Easy to install.

Bluesky’s Mini fuel stations are shipped as complete. After receiving the goods, the customer only needs to turn on the power supply, arrange the nozzle, and start using it.

Mini fuel stations are a new type of standardized and innovative refueling equipment.

The installation of a traditional fuel station needs to start with the approval of the land.

In addition, the selection and installation of oil tanks is also troublesome. And that’s just the preparations.

c. The third is investment province and low risk.

The Mini Fuel Station has complete accessories and features a complete relocation.

Therefore, once the project cannot be continued or the plan changes, the equipment can be relocated to the new oil supply network for reuse, and the investment loss is very small.

d. Wide range of applications, safety, and environmental protection.

The fuel tank of the mini fuel station is above the ground, and there is no hidden danger such as slow leakage and pollution of groundwater from buried oil tanks, which can effectively prevent groundwater pollution, so it can be used in special environments such as water source protection areas.

Bluesky's mini fuel station

3. Renovation of existing old fuel stations.

Mini fuel stations can be used to retrofit existing fuel stations and set up branches to expand operations.

Some smaller fuel stations need to be refurbished due to aging facilities.

Sales at these stations are significantly affected by seasonality, and sales are smaller.

It can also be retrofitted with a mini fuel station to restore functionality and reduce investment in retrofit costs.

Bluesky Smart Mini Fuel Station

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