Bluesky’s new CNG filling machine

The new CNG filling machine is an intelligent device that completes the gas accumulation measurement system, which is composed of a single-chip microcomputer, a manual needle valve, a filter, a compact explosion-proof pressure transmitter, a solenoid valve, an intrinsically safe flowmeter, an explosion-proof box (control system), a pressure gauge, a breakaway valve, a gas filling gun and other main components.

Bluesky's new CNG filling machine

New CNG filling machine working principle

The compressed natural gas in the high, medium, and low-pressure gas storage devices is transported to the gas filling machine through three pipelines. After filtering by the filter, the computer controller automatically opens the low-pressure, medium-pressure, and high-pressure solenoid valves according to the working state to make the gas flow through the mass flow meter for measurement. The measured gas is filled into the gas storage cylinder of the gas vehicle through the emergency ball valve, breakaway valve, hose, gun valve, and gas filling gun. When the pressure reaches the set value, the metering signal of the mass flowmeter is transmitted to the computer controller for display and storage after calculation and processing.

New CNG filling machine functional features

1. The electronic metering and control device can automatically display the gas filling volume and gas filling amount.

Display: It adopts a large-screen STN wide temperature range LCD screen with a built-in backlight. The keyboard uses a Chinese dot matrix LCD, and the menu method is used to query and modify parameters.

2. It has a preset gas filling function for a fixed amount and a fixed gas filling amount.

3. The gas filling process automatically controls the switching of low, medium, and high voltage electric valves to ensure the gas filling efficiency.

4. It has a flow rate display function to monitor the gas filling process in real-time.

5. Minimum flow rate detection function: After the high-pressure valve is opened, the flow rate is less than the set value and the gas filling is automatically stopped after a delay.

6. Pressure protection function: During the gas filling process, when the pressure of the gas storage cylinder exceeds the nationally specified value, the gas filling is automatically stopped.

7. Safety interlock system: The gas filling machine automatically stops in the following cases
  • Overpressure: The internal pressure of the equipment exceeds the set value
  • Overcurrent: The gas filling flow exceeds the maximum gas filling flow during normal use
  • The pressure transmitter is disconnected
  • Press the emergency stop switch

8. The data is saved for 10 years after a power failure, and it has a power failure re-display function.

9. The gas filling data of the last 10 times can be re-displayed for inspection.

10. The cumulative value of gas filling on duty and the summary cumulative value can be counted.

11. It has the function of automatically detecting faults and displaying fault information in time.

12. It can communicate with other devices, and there are multiple communication methods to choose from.

13. It can be equipped with a background management system and an IC card operating system to enable automatic management of the gas station.

14. It has a pull-off protection function to ensure that the gas gun is safely detached and sealed when the car accidentally drags away.

15. It has a current limiting protection function to ensure gas-filling safety.

16. Ultrafine filtration to ensure the service life of important parts of the gas dispenser.

17. Keyboard operation, rich functions, can complete the setting and query of various programs.

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