Bluesky’s new fuel dispenser: LED light belt fuel dispenser

A brand-new style fuel dispenser will bring a lot of benefits to gas stations. The unique appearance will make customers feel bright and want to come in to experience it. Today I will share with you the latest Bluesky LED light belt fuel dispenser:

LED light belt fuel dispenser is modified from the original product “RT-LS” model. The first batch of LED light belt fuel dispenser models have a unique and beautiful appearance, which attracted a large number of customers to order. The batch processing was completed and the delivery was completed at the end of June.

LED light belt

LED light belts have many advantages over traditional lighting fixtures, and these advantages have gradually won people’s favor. As a new lighting source, LED light belts are not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also have many other unique advantages.

The following is a comparison before and after the modification:

comparison chart

LED light belt fueldispenser

The above effect is our latest customized mold product RT-LS and then the tanker adds LED light effects. Through proper lighting, the competitiveness of the gas station can be enhanced. The bright LED lights under the canopy can make your gas station more eye-catching and “unique” at night. A beautiful gas station is a beautiful landscape. The warm lighting and safe environment can immediately improve the customer experience, making the guests entering the gas station and convenience store “eye-catching” and lingering, which will attract more drivers to come back for the refueling experience.

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