Can fuel dispenser gasoline nozzles increase the flow rate?

At present, the gasoline nozzle flow rate of many fuel dispensers is less than 30L/min, which will affect the refueling time and operation of gas stations.

So, is it possible to increase the flow rate? Is it possible to reach 40-45L/min? Let’s find out through this article.

gasoline nozzle

1、International standards

First, the international standard ISO9158 the flow requirement of the gasoline nozzle ≤ 50 L/min,

and the existing international refueling nozzle is also designed based on this standard.

Second, the UK stipulates that the maximum refueling flow should not exceed 50 L/min for gasoline and 130 L/min for diesel.

Third, according to the recommendation of CARB (California Air Standards Board), the refueling flow should be less than 10 gallons, that is, 38 L/min.

At the same time, the TUV (European Union) certification requires that the flow rate of the petrol nozzle of the fuel dispenser should not exceed 38 L/min.

petrol nozzle

2、The impact of refueling equipment

a) In selecting pumps for fuel dispensers, the flow limit needs to be considered.

The design of the submersible pump is one machine with multiple nozzles, both of which will affect the actual flow rate.

b) The flow rate of the refueling machine is high, and the nozzle will jump frequently during the refueling process, failing normal refueling.

c) The filter screen and filter element of the fuel dispenser.

One is the degree of cleanliness, especially the paper filter element, which has a great impact on the flow rate and flow rate of refueling.

Second, in some areas, waterproof filter elements are used to replace traditional filter elements,

and waterproof filter elements expand after encountering water, decreasing the refueling flow rate.

d) In fact, the distance of the oil pipeline will impact the actual refueling speed of most oil nozzles.

In addition to the above-mentioned influencing factors, gauges, hoses, breakaway couplings, etc. will all produce a certain amount of pressure loss.

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3、Some ways to increase the flow rate.

a) Reduced pressure loss.

First, the pipeline distance should be as short as possible. Second, reduce unnecessary elbow joints. This needs to be considered by the design and construction team in the overall layout.

b) Increase the pressure of the oil pump.

You can consider replacing the submersible pump with high power, and there are currently 2.0hp submersible pumps that are mature.

The working pressure of the submersible pump can be increased from 2kg to 3kg.

This means upgrading the existing 0.75hp or 1.5hp submersible pump to a 2.0hp enhanced submersible pump.

The pressure of 3kg is the limit, as the standard pressure of the fuel dispenser design is 3kg.

In practice, the flow rate of the oil nozzle can reach 50 L/min with a 2hp submersible pump.

c) Reduce the number of fuel nozzles driven by the oil pump.

The submersible pump needs to be matched according to the tank’s position and the number of refueling nozzles carried.

d) Clean or replace the dispenser filter unit regularly.

Check the status of the filter regularly. The filter needs to be cleaned with normal maintenance to avoid the filter screen clogging, which will affect the flow rate.

e) Other factors.

The design of the internal pipeline of the fuel dispenser, the solenoid valve,

and the internal pipeline design of the gas station will also have a certain impact on the refueling flow rate.

To sum up, through the above measures, the flow rate of the gasoline nozzle at the gas station can be increased to 40~45 L/min.

This will need to be comprehensively considered in terms of ease of implementation, input cost, etc.

According to the specific situation of the gas station, the selection of the submersible pump is fully considered in the design process to meet the needs of the flow rate when multiple refueling nozzles are refueled at the same time.

According to the busyness of the station, the probability of using the refueling nozzle at the same time, etc.,

the flow rate can be increased by configuring a submersible pump with reasonable power and outlet pressure.

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