Car companies build their charging stations

Bluesky charging stations

There are two major meanings for car companies to build their charging stations:

1. Closed loop of car piles, light storage

2. Intelligent ecological construction

Should car companies build their charging stations?

This topic has been discussed for a long time, but no consensus has been reached so far; some car enthusiasts think that car companies do not need to build a website but rely on third-party companies for construction, and companies cannot eat up all the markets; Enthusiasts believe that it is most reasonable for car companies to build websites because this can increase user brand stickiness and form brand culture and social circles in the shortest possible time.

There is truth to both views and incomplete explanations.

Completely relying on third-party companies to build stations has disadvantages such as low income and long time; therefore, the supply of charging stations is still tight, and there will be queues when charging during peak travel periods. Therefore, it is unrealistic to rely on third-party companies to solve charging anxiety. Under the premise that the penetration rate of electric hybrid vehicles is not high enough, there is no need to deploy them in advance, but if charging stations are not deployed in advance, market users will have mileage anxiety, and the penetration rate is very low.

Therefore, from the perspective of how to activate the third-party charging market, car companies must build charging stations.

At the same time, building websites for car companies is very helpful for improving the future industrial chain.

The electric vehicle market is related to the energy storage market, and the power batteries that are eliminated from vehicles still have great value. A battery that loses 20% to 30% of its capacity can still be used as an energy storage battery for decades! Therefore, there is still a lot that car companies can do. They can start from car manufacturing, and then connect photovoltaic power generation or other new energy sources by recycling the owner’s power battery.

However, as a car user, you can choose a car company to recycle the power battery, or you can choose a third-party recycling company for recycling.

How to make car owners choose car companies as recycling companies is a channel that needs to be opened up.

This method can be realized by replacing the battery, or by building a user ecosystem.

The key link is to increase user stickiness through brand charging stations, and to keep abreast of vehicle dynamic information throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle; to obtain this vehicle information also needs to rely on its charging station, so the integrated model of the vehicle, pile, light and storage It is meaningful, but the initial investment of the enterprise will be large, and there will inevitably be some risks.

The smart ecological chain also requires self-built charging stations.

Realizing the integration of vehicles, piles, light, and storage requires self-built charging stations, and realizing the dynamic control of vehicle information requires vehicle networking; the so-called “network” here is not just the Internet in the general sense, but the construction of a network in the vast Internet small ecology. Each ecosystem is a small world of brand users, which can be connected externally and communicated internally; each ecosystem will not only have charging-related information but also information hotspots, social platforms, music, video, online shopping, etc.

The basis for ensuring that car owners will enter the ecosystem and continue to use it is not necessarily the cockpit experience, because the main structure of the smart cockpit is similar, and car owners have many choices; however, self-built charging stations have completely different attractions. It is directly related to car communication and offline social interaction, which are what modern car owners lack most but also need most in the process of using a car.

Therefore, the overall advantages of self-built charging stations seem to outweigh the disadvantages.

However, on the whole, I am more optimistic about those car brands with self-built charging stations. They have jumped from the first stage of the new four modernizations of automobiles, from basic electrification to network connection. The charging station network is a network connection. Once the charging station network is complete, as long as the third stage of intelligence starts, it will be the node for the blowout growth of these brands.

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