Charging pile appearance design experience

With the development of the new energy vehicle industry, charging facilities have become an important guarantee for the development of new energy vehicles. Charging piles can be seen in many places such as residential areas, parking lots, and high-speed service areas. Operating in extremely harsh environments such as high temperature, low temperature, etc., This puts forward relevant requirements for the appearance design of the charging pile, and the waterproof level of the charging pile requires IP54.

At present, the shell of the charging pile has two materials:

1. Sheet metal material: It has the characteristics of high strength, flame resistance, and good heat dissipation, but it has a single shape and is heavier than plastic;

2. Plastic material: It has complex and changeable shapes, light and beautiful, but it is not as good as sheet metal in terms of strength resistance, flame resistance, and high-temperature resistance.

As the company’s appearance designer, the job content is to design charging piles of various shapes,but two issues cannot be ignored:

1. Waterproof problem

Appearance design of DC charging pile

The DC charging pile in the above picture is made of a thin steel plate, which is mainly formed by laser cutting, bending, welding, grinding, and plastic spraying.

Water resistance is considered in the design, so the top and the shell are integrated. As shown below:

DC charging pile with integrated structure

DC charging pile with integrated structure

2. Heat dissipation problem

When the charging pile is running, the charging module will generate a lot of heat. The heat must be ventilated and dissipated effectively.

If the heat accumulates inside the cabinet and cannot be dissipated, it will seriously affect the operation of the module, and if the temperature is too high, it will directly burn the charging module.

Severely cause fires, so the structural design of the ventilation and heat dissipation of the charging pile should not be underestimated.

The heat dissipation vents of the DC charging piles produced by the company are formed by punching dies:

The processing is convenient and fast, but the ventilation effect is somewhat lacking.

After continuous research, it is found that the heat dissipation vents made by welding are both beautiful and good in ventilation performance,

but welding processing is a waste of time. After research, positioning grooves and holes are added to improve the welding time and processing error.

Comparison chart before and after transformation

To ensure the beautiful appearance of the charging pile, the four corners of the whole pile are made into circular arcs.

Because the arc is too elastic, it is difficult to control the size, so the horizontal dimensions of the front door and the side door are reduced by 4-5mm. The rounded corner effect of the pile can be smooth and not prominent!

The above are some of my experiences related to work. If you see here, you have a better way to deal with it. Welcome to Guide!

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