China implements new national standard for fuel dispensers

The new national standard for fuel dispensers will be released on November 27, 2023, and implemented on June 1, 2024. So compared with the old national standard, what are the key updates of the new national standard?


1. Under the new standard, the tax control module, tax control memory, clock chip, and adapter board chip on the fuel dispenser mainboard will be gathered together from their previous scattered layout, uniformly packaged in a monitoring microprocessor, and cannot be removed or replaced.

2. Second, the encoder, monitoring microprocessor, and metering microprocessor implement a new encryption protocol. They will have a unique hardware serial number, software identification, and on-site comparison function before leaving the factory.

3. Third, each refueling data of the fuel dispenser will be compared in real-time, and if there is any abnormality, the fuel dispenser will be locked.

4. The key components of the whole machine are redefined and become oil-gas separator, flow measurement converter, encoder, metering and control main board, and indicating device under the new standard.

5. Under the new standard, all manufacturers’ software and hardware must be redesigned, and the new version will no longer be compatible with the existing version.

Compared with the old standard, the new standard is characterized by anti-tampering and anti-cheating in terms of software and hardware design. It is now very complete.

In actual supervision, because of on-site comparison, unique hardware serial numbers, and software identification, the software, hardware, and data security are carefully protected throughout the life cycle of the gas pump. If there are any changes in the gas pump’s software and hardware, it can be easily detected without any loopholes.

In the future, every transaction will be subject to comparison and verification, and the real-time status of the gas pump will be visible to the regulatory authorities. It can be said that the operating status of the gas station will become “transparent.”

Such strict standards reflect the determination of relevant national departments to regulate the refined oil retail industry. It is foreseeable that the future regulatory trend will be “high pressure and strict”, and this strong regulation will become normalized. As relevant practitioners, we also look forward to a more fair and standardized competition environment under the new standards.

The refined oil retail industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. Thanks to the application of new intelligent technologies, everyone is working towards a more convenient and smoother refueling scene. This trend will become more obvious after the implementation of the new national standard.

With fewer “unruly” competitors, the entire market environment will be fairer. If gas stations want to defeat their competitors, they must start by serving every customer well, starting with marketing efforts, payment speed, and the visual design of the entire station. Every effort must be made to attract and retain customers. The industry will present a lively scene of “Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each showing their magical powers.”

Gas stations that previously focused on creating a profitable customer experience may have encountered a competitor who is obsessed with “taking shortcuts” and could not bring out their advantages. After the new national standard, such gas stations will have a stage to show their strengths. The entire industry will have a reshuffling process. Gas stations that do not operate in a standardized manner will be eliminated, and those that insist on focusing on customer experience will stand out.

First of all, gas stations must abide by the rules, operate legally, and jointly create a standardized and fair market environment.

Second, everyone must keep up to date with the specific policies of their local regulatory authorities and resolutely replace gas pumps that do not meet the standards. In addition, the industry is moving towards intelligence, and some stations that are still using old models can take this opportunity to update to multimedia smart gas pumps to cope with the more intense competitive environment.

Third, competition among gas stations will be differentiated and diversified, and more profit points will be expanded, such as charging and other energy refueling, car maintenance, fine cleaning, and other auto service businesses, and non-oil businesses such as catering and shopping will usher in a period of rapid growth. Some of them will become standard features of gas stations in the future. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone conduct more investigations, make arrangements as soon as possible, and move towards a new era of comprehensive refueling service stations.

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