China’s largest Bohai oilfield

China Bohai Oilfield
China’s largest Bohai oilfield

Recently, CNOOC Tianjin Branch announced that the cumulative crude oil production of the Bohai Oilfield exceeded 500 million tons.

Bohai oil field at night
Bohai oil field at night
“500 million tons of crude oil is the weight of nearly 280,000 blue whales. They can circle the earth’s equator more than two times connected end to end;
Can meet the basic living needs of the Chinese people for one year,
and realize profits and taxes exceeding 300 billion yuan.”

CNOOC Tianjin Branch production manager Wang Yu said. Bohai Oilfield is the birthplace of China’s modern offshore oil industry.

For 50 years, There are more than 50 oil and gas fields and more than 190 production facilities.

The former Bohai Oilfield was limited by the difficulty of offshore oil and gas exploration and development and backward equipment technology,

and production growth was struggling. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,

with the rapid development of my country’s offshore oil and gas exploration technology, the output of Bohai oilfields has grown rapidly.

In the past 10 years, the cumulative production of oil and gas has exceeded 300 million tons, far exceeding the total output of the previous 40 years.

Since the full implementation of the “Seven-Year Action Plan” for increasing oil and gas reserves and production in 2019, Bohai Oilfield,

as the backbone of implementing national strategies and ensuring energy security,

is full of patriotic enthusiasm of “I donate oil to the motherland” With great strength,

with the spirit of forging ahead and overcoming difficulties, we vigorously implemented the “Project of Increasing Reserves and Production”,

fully launched the construction of an oil and gas supply guarantee center,

and promoted the continuous peak growth of oil and gas reserves and production.

Bohai Oilfield
Bohai Oilfield
In the past four years, Bohai Oilfield has continuously explored and discovered 5 million-ton oil and gas fields,
including Bozhong 19-6, Kenli 6-1, Kenli 10-2, Bozhong 13-2, and Bozhong 26-6, with a total crude oil production of nearly 1.2 100 million tons,
natural gas exceeding 12.6 billion cubic meters, quickly reached the top of my country’s largest crude oil production base,
built the second-largest oil and gas field in China, became the largest contributor to the country’s crude oil increment among domestic oil fields,
and brought my country’s annual crude oil production back to 200 million tons plays an important role.

While maintaining China’s energy job, Bohai Oilfield has accelerated the pace of green and low-carbon transformation.

The oilfield dared to be the first in the world, and took the lead in connecting offshore oilfields with shore power with the attitude of “carbon road pioneer”;

using 5 clean energy-consuming LNG guards to support offshore oilfield production and drilling and completion operations;

fully promote the construction of offshore wind power, land-based terminal photovoltaics, and atmospheric zones…

Actively build “green oilfields” through measures such as shore power into the sea, energy efficiency improvement,

air release management, and development of green energy. At the same time, focus on the construction of world-class oilfields,

build a benchmark energy base integrating exploration and development integration, standardized engineering construction,

intelligent oil and gas production, and lean operation and management,

and make greater contributions to high-quality protection of national energy security.

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