Chinese fuel dispenser seals using new E-SEAL

E-SEAL Fuel Dispenser

In recent years, with the increase of gas stations, the number of gas stations around the country has also increased, and some gas stations have illegal problems of short-weight refueling, which has seriously damaged the interests of consumers. Adopt the method of E-SEAL for Fuel Dispensers, and use scientific and technological means to eliminate the shortage of weight.

The “black heart” gas station through the replacement of the metering chip, the motherboard of the refueling machine,

the communication controller and other hardware, the installation of background cheating software,

the setting of combination control keys and other ways, the refueling machine for short weight “transformation”,

these violations do not pass the professional equipment testing and technical inspection is difficult to find.

Therefore, it is necessary to build an intelligent open platform for online real-time supervision to effectively manage gas stations. Therefore, E-SEA is gradually used instead of ordinary lead seals.


Do you know the difference between an E-SEAL and an ordinary lead seal?

Ordinary lead seal: one-time use, manual registration check tracking, difficult to query and trace.

E-SEAL: The traditional lead seal, is very good at reducing cost, improving efficiency, recycling, automatically completing closed-loop tracking management, management information, and so on.

The technical staff of the market supervision Bureau, the refueling gun, encoder, control motherboard,

and other equipment are tested, the calibrator is in strict accordance with the requirements of the metrology verification regulations,

the appearance of the inspected refueling machine, flow, indicating error, etc., and the metering and flow of the refueling machine are marked with E-SEAL.

The number of the new version of E-SEAL is unique, similar to the citizen’s ID number,

the seal is given the barcode corresponding to the number at the same time,

which is conducive to the next step of docking the State Administration of Metrological strong inspection platform,

increase the anti-counterfeiting identification and information management of the seal,

the new version of the idea seal also supports a management system, all the information about the refueling machine can be viewed in the management system.

physical lead seal

F-SEAL will gradually replace the physical lead seal, which is not only a big step forward on the refueling machine, but also realize the intelligent management of the lead seal in more industries.

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