Cleaning and maintenance of fuel dispensers

The maintenance of fuel dispensers is very important in daily life. Let’s learn about it together:

1. The appearance of the fuel dispenser is clean

Firstly, it is necessary to regularly clean the fuel dispenser to ensure that its appearance is clean and free from contamination. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that no water or other liquids enter the interior of the fuel dispenser during cleaning. When cleaning, the surface of the fuel dispenser can be wiped with a clean cloth or a specialized cleaning agent can be used.

Fuel dispenser maintenance

2. Fuel dispenser oil management

The oil management of fuel dispensers is also crucial. It is necessary to regularly check the quality of the fuel dispenser oil to ensure its cleanliness and purity. In addition, the fuel dispenser oil needs to be regularly replaced to ensure the freshness and quality of the oil. When replacing oil products, pay attention to the method and treatment of discharging old oil.

3. Anti-static treatment of fuel dispensers

Anti-static treatment is also an aspect that needs to be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of fuel dispensers. Static electricity can hurt the normal operation of the fuel dispenser, so anti-static treatment is necessary for the fuel dispenser. Professional anti-static equipment can be used, or anti-static materials can be placed around the fuel dispenser.

4. Maintenance of fuel dispenser pump unit

The pump group of the fuel dispenser is a very important part of the entire fuel dispenser system and requires regular maintenance. Regularly clean the dirt and debris inside the pump unit to ensure its normal operation. In addition, it is necessary to regularly replace the seals and lubricating oil in the pump.

Cleaning of fuel dispenser


5. Maintenance of fuel dispenser filter screen

The filter screen in the fuel dispenser is also a component that requires regular maintenance. Regularly clean the filter screen in the fuel dispenser and regularly replace damaged filters. The cleaning of the filter screen can be carried out using a specialized cleaning solution or clean water. In short, daily maintenance and upkeep of fuel dispensers are key to ensuring their normal operation and extending their lifespan. Attention should be paid to the appearance cleanliness, oil management, anti-static treatment, pump maintenance, and filter maintenance of the fuel dispenser to better protect its operation.

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