CNG Power Generation Group From Bluesky

Due to the rise in international diesel prices in recent years, CNG power generation has gradually emerged in the African market. Compared with diesel power generation, CNG power generation has more economic benefits.

In addition, the African market itself has abundant CNG reserves and does not need to rely on imports, which is conducive to local countries getting rid of their dependence on imported energy.

Although the price of CNG generators is higher than that of diesel generators, they have a longer operating life, and their maintenance costs and frequency are lower than those of diesel generators. From a long-term perspective, the economic benefits of CNG generators are higher than those of diesel generators.

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However, African countries are not comprehensive enough in laying CNG pipelines, which makes the transportation and storage of CNG itself more difficult than diesel, which is also the reason for the slow development of CNG in the African region.

In response to this, Bluesky designed a set of CNG Generation Group, which mainly consists of CNG Storage Cylinder Group, Pressure Regulation Metering Skid, and CNG Power Generator.


The CNG Storage Cylinder Group designed by Blue Sky is a detachable and assembled gas cylinder group to facilitate customer transportation. The number can be adjusted according to demand and refueling frequency. CNG station owners can also prepare gas cylinder reserves and improve replacement efficiency.


One group consists of 4 cylinders, with a working pressure of 200-250bar. It is equipped with a pressure gauge to check the pressure inside the bottle and a safety valve that automatically discharges when the pressure is too high.

The Total gas storage capacity can be increased or decreased according to the actual usage of the gas storage module.

The Pressure Regulation Metering Skid is used to reduce the pressure of CNG in the gas cylinder group. To store more CNG in a limited container, the initial pressure of CNG stored in the gas cylinder group is generally between 200 and 250 bar, while the pressure required for the operation of the CNG generator is 2 bar. This requires us to use PRMS to reduce the pressure of CNG.

PRMS mainly has the following functions:

1. Control fluid pressure

2. Ensure that liquids in pipes or systems maintain proper pressure levels

3. Monitor pressure and flow in a pipe or system

4. Take appropriate measures when needed to ensure safe system operation

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