Communication Box System: Billing Module

After the device is successfully connected to the system, the user can monitor each transaction record and summarize data in the system, which belongs to the system billing module. Let’s take a look at the billing module:

The billing module is specifically divided into transaction records and site reports.

1. Transaction records

Transaction records

The picture above shows the system transaction record mode. In the picture above, users can query the transaction records of each transaction, as well as the transaction trend chart of the day. In this interface, when the user queries a single transaction record, the user can customize the period and select the site or energy type they want to query. The system will automatically filter out the records that meet the user’s selection criteria and display them to the user. Their amounts and liters are automatically summarized.

In the consumption trend graph, users have four modes to choose from: segmentation by hour, segmentation by date, segmentation by month, and segmentation by year. Among them, the system will summarize the time of the day the user selects according to the hour segmentation. According to 24 hours a day, the total consumption amount and liters at each time point of the day will be displayed, and summarized into a line chart, allowing the user to Able to check the sales status of the day intuitively. The following segmentation by date summarizes the data of the current month and displays the line chart according to each day of the month. The segmentation by month summarizes the data of the current year and summarizes and displays the data according to each month. The segmentation by year is based on The time selected by the user is used as the base point, pushed forward 3 years, and pushed back 3 years, the data is summarized and a line chart is displayed.

2. Site report

The site report module is mainly used for data summary. The total summary data is divided into summary data of each site and summary data of each energy type, as shown in the figure below:

Site report

The module is divided into two parts. The upper part is the site sales proportion and energy sales proportion, and the lower part is divided into year, month, and daily report summaries, etc.

As shown in the figure above, the user can intuitively see two pie charts. The one on the left is the site sales ratio, and the one on the right is the energy sales ratio. The user can select the corresponding date, and select the type of query that is day or month. or year, the system will automatically calculate its pie chart proportion, allowing users to intuitively see which site has good sales and which energy sales are good.

The following part is a specific year, month, and day report. The user only needs to select the corresponding date information, and the system will automatically calculate the specific sales figures of each site on that day, month, and year. The last option is energy sales statistics, which is used for User statistics on sales of each energy source.

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